Weekly Workouts/Entraînements de la semaine: Feb 14-20

Track Group: possible races Wednesday night at Robillard or Saturday afternoon at McGill.

Monday: pm: 1×1600 at 5k pace, 2x1k at 3k pace, 2×600 at 1500 pace.
Tuesday: am weights+jog pm recovery jog
Wednesday: am Strength or off pm 3-4×400-300-200 at 1500-800 pace. 1min/3min rest or mini meet: 1500m, 800m or 6x1200m, 3min rec outside (Westmount Park)
Thursday: am weights+jog pm recovery jog
Friday: 40min tempo or off
Saturday: off/recovery jog/1500m or 3000m at McGill
Sunday: 2h long run (or 90min if racing)

Marathon/Road Group:
Monday: 15k run
Tuesday: am weights+recovery jog pm recovery jog
Wednesday: am Strength/recovery jog pm 4-6x1200m 3min rec, Westmount Park
Thursday: am weights+ jog (include 12x40sec/20sec) pm recovery jog
Friday: off or jog or 30min tempo
Saturday: off or recovery jog or 21k road race
Sunday: Easy long run or 5k or 10k road race

Strength Training circuit
Wednesday (not Tuesday if weights) (warm up jog/bike 5-10min)
Drills: 3x30sec
ham flicks
heel lifts
A march
A skip
B march
A run

Crab walk forward 30sec
calf-raise lunges 15
CW left 30sec
one leg squat jump 15
CW right 30sec
airplane 60sec
CW back 30sec
jump squats 15

push-ups 30
legs parallel 60sec
deep abs 15
side plank 60sec
front plank/ leg lift 60sec
table 60sec
cobra 60sec
child pose 60sec

Thursday (on own if no weights):
Drills: 3x30sec
ham flicks
heel lifts
A march
A skip
B march
A run

warm ups: 15 each
one leg squats
calf-raise lunges
side-step cross-over
side-step karaoke

Cool down: 5-10min jog/bike or jog home.

Remember: these workouts are a plan only, and each individual in the group has their own plan, and the actual workouts performed are based on that plan, and how what happens on the ground, day-to-day, as a result of communication with the coaches. These posts are for informational purposes only, and not meant to be just copy-pasted for your own training.