Champs & Cherries & Cow Town

I popped my flying cherry.

What I mean by that is I took my first flight ever the other night, from London, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta. I’m here for Canada’s Track & Field Championships! Awesome. The plane ride was exciting, I felt like most kids do when they take they’re first anything. My head was swivelling and anything embarrassing I did went unchecked because I didn’t know it was embarrassing. My team mate Big G got pulled aside going through security. He has a suspicious French accent, and they didn’t like the look of his pointy shoes. After removing the pins from his spikes they took him behind closed doors. He hasn’t brought up went on behind those closed doors. The events have been suppressed as far as I can tell. Behind his carefree smile pain lurks. Poor guy.

I’m heading into the championships with a pretty good set-up. In the week before my flight out here I ran a PB (8:25) and scored a win in a 3000m at Ian Hume in Sherbrooke, and then, after a couple bus rides to oh-so-familiar London, Ont, I ran another PB in the 1500m(3:56) at London Runner 1500m Night. From the outside it looks like I am on quite a tear. But really what’s happening is I’m just getting back to where I was in February. I’m more confident on my feet, and after finding out I was deficient in iron, my energy levels are starting to come back. Dragons don’t compete too well with sore feet and low iron levels. Looking back, I’ve still had the best year of my career. I’ve PB’ed in every distance; 10k 30:46, 5000m 14:33, 3000m 8:25, 1500m 3:56. Not bad. Those numbers right there give my quite a bit of confidence leading up to my tough 10k/5k double.

I’m going for a podium spot in the 10,000m tomorrow night. If I get top three I get white hatted. I get a big ol’cowboy hat. That’ll be my first. There are alot of firsts happening this year. Also I’ll get a medal. That’ll be a first too. I’ll pop my white hat cherry.

Tomorrow I race. Its gonna be good. More updates and bloglettes to follow.