Start List/Liste de Départ: Updated!

We’ll have some new additions to the Start List this week and going forward, as we’ve expanded our blog roll. Basically we are looking at three categories: Canadian runners, international runners and sports science. We’ll give you the latest post and leave it up to you to read back in the archives if you like. Come je l’avais dit sur facebook, on a besoin de blogues francophones sur la liste! Faites vos suggestions dans les commentaires. Merci!


Ed Whitlock breaks another world record. Ho-hum. The guy is frickin’ 80 years old! And he runs a 3:25 marathon. How many 80 year olds can stay awake for 3:25 consecutively? Love this guy. (CRS vis Trimes)

Geoff Harris had a successful workout and seems to be completely recovered from plantar trouble. He also explains a bit about their training camp lifestyle. I look forward to those “recovery exercises” videos.

The Triathlon Code congratulates Paula Findlay on her victory in Sydney last weekend.

Another new blog to our list is Dirge Rhetoric, by Chris Kelsall. Chris has great articles and interviews. Here’s one with Mo Farah.

André Lefort does a 1500m workout. I don’t know if you can consider that workout as an indicator of 1500 fitness, but it is always nice to have more in you than you thought.

RTC Guelph has a video from a guy who talks about leadership, personal responsibility and building a winning culture, specifically gossip. Interesting. Includes reference to “acting like a bunch of dad-gum 13-year-old girls.”

Lucy Smith, one of Canada’s top women, and most versatile, too. She is a happy person. No bad days.

Amazing article by Steve Boyd about women’s marathoning in Canada, and the decline of marathoning among both genders (from the 80s to the 2000s).


A new addition to our blog roll, Nate Pennington chronicles his marathon training. Nate is not only a runner, but also a soldier, First Lieutenant.

A story about the first London Marathon, from Mzungo. Mzungo is a bit like the Start List, in that it aggregates other blogs. They do a really good job of that for international news, so we will just link to them. We probably won’t link to every post they do, so it would be good to add them to your own reader, if you like pictures and race reports from every international marathon out there. Here’s another link from them about whether the marathon could go under two hours.

Sports Science
Had to steal the pun from Alex on this one: The beet goes on! Sweat Science reviews a study that shows drinking beet juice improves performance.