Become a track and field official!

Do you love track and field? Do you know someone who does and want to learn more about the sport? Does your significant other spend their entire weekends at track meets while you sit around at home, lonely? Is your track career coming to a close, and you are looking for a way to stay in the sport?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you could become a track and field official and all of your problems would be solved! Ok, maybe not all of them, but many of them. 60% at least!

On Saturday November 30th, just before the Martlet Open track meet at McGill, the FQA will offer a free clinic to train new officials. The training will be in English, but friends of all linguistic persuasions are welcome! The language of track and field is universal.

Date: Saturday November 30th
Time: 8h45 to 10h15
Location: Tomlinson Fieldhouse 475 Pine Avenue West, Montréal QC H2W 1S4
Instructor: Serge Thibaudeau
Cost: FREE!

How do you sign up?
Email you name, address, postal code, phone number and email address to and cc:

Once you’ve done this training, you can then volunteer at any of the McGill meets (or any local track meet, just contact your friendly neighbourhood meet director) and get experience. After you’ve worked at 5 different events (track, relays, throws, horizontal jumps, vertical jumps) you can be a certified Level 1 official.