Big News: Meggan Franks joins Montreal Endurance

Meggan Franks, currently the top Canadian marathoner (yes, it’s early days, and yes, her 2:49:06 would have ranked her 11th in 2011, but still, so far so good!), has joined up with our club.

Meggan currently lives in Mississippi with her coach and husband, Houston Franks, but has family ties to Quebec. Montreal Endurance’s Ryan Noel-Hodge is her cousin. She writes a popular blog, Mom Against the Marathon, and indeed, she is a mom. We think she’s going to be a great inspiration for our runners, not just the ladies, but the men as well.

She has personal bests from two eras. In her collegiate days, she was a steeple chaser, and more recently, she’s a distance runner on the roads.

Meggan Franks’ Best Times:
3000m Steeple Chase: 10:46 (2005)
5000m: 16:59 (2003)
1/2 Marathon: 1:19:38 (2012)
Marathon: 2:49:06 (2012)

Welcome Meggan! We look forward to seeing those times drop even more!