Liste de compétitions RSEQ 2011-12 XC et Athlétisme

The Quebec university coaches meetings were held today, at which the racing schedules for the upcoming year are determined. Here they are, unofficial until you see them on the RESQ website!

XC (date, host, events)
September 17 McGill University Women: 4k Men: 6k
October 8 Université Laval Women: 4k Men: 8k
October 15 Université de Sherbrooke Women: 5k Men: 8k
October 29 RESQ Championship at UQAC (Université de Québec à Chicoutimi) Women: 5k Men 10k
November 12 CIS Championsihp at Université de Laval Women: 5k Men 10k

Of note: UQAC steps up and is the first of the “expansion schools” to host a meet. This year there will be 7 Quebec universities competing in cross country: Concordia, Laval, McGill, Sherbrooke, UQAC, UQAM and UQTR. The new-comer this year is UQAM, coached by the venerable François Pap. It will be interesting to see what he can put together. Unfortunately there will be no interlock meet with the AUS this fall. The schedules did not line up, but the experience was good in the past, so hopefully this is just a one-year hiatus.

Athlétisme en salle
14 Janvier Vert et Or
21 Janvier Rouge et Or
28 Janvier McGill Team Challenge
25-26 Février RSEQ Championships Sherbrooke
8-10 Mars CIS Championships Manitoba

This year the Laval meet has been moved to January. This puts the three “official” RSEQ meets back-to-back-to-back, but frees up February for travelling to high-performance meets elsewhere, and frees up December for training and studying for exams. McGill will also host several meets throughout the winter, as usual, but these are the official university circuit meets.