News: Dayna Pidhoresky breaks Canadian Half-Marathon record. Or did she?

Dayna Pidhoresky has tentatively broken the Canadian Record in the Half-Marathon (1:11.45).

The old record was 1:12:09, set by Tara Quinn-Smith in 2009.

The question as to whether the time will be ratified or not depends on a few elements. The course is point-to-point, which means that in order for a time to be ratified as a record on it, there must be a maximum drop in altitude. The Niagara course drops 55m over 21km, which is within this limit. The second issue is with the start and finish location. The start and finish must be within 50% of the race distance away from each other. So 10.55km apart at a maximum. It seems that they are actually about 12km apart, or 57%. However, several Canadian Masters records have been set on this course. Athletics Canada ruled today that as a result of this separation, the record would not count.

Adding to the trouble was the fact that the finishing clocks were a minute behind, so approaching the line and seeing the clock already well past 1:12, Pidhoresky slowed down, thinking the record was out of reach. In the end, the official clocks had the right time, and she did run under 72min. So, like Paula Radcliffe, Dayna Pidhoresky will have to content herself with knowing that she covered 21.1k faster than any Canadian woman ever has…just not officially.

Meanwhile, on the topic of records, it seems that Fauja Singh’s record is not good enough either, at least not for Guinness. Canadian Running has that story.