No Sponsor? No Problem!

Let’s be honest: every runner dreams of the big sponsorship. Free shoes, clothes, some travel money, all in exchange for wearing the logo of one lucky shoe corporation. Let’s be honest again: It’s hard to get. Especially for us, an up-and-coming, nay, brand-new club! We haven’t even raced yet, so how can we expect a sponsor? Sure, we could go and buy some singlets, but you never get quite what you want: the colours are off, the screen-printing is too small or too big, and anyway, we’re trying to save money where we can. Luckily, we have friends in the fashion industry, and they were willing to help us out. Check out this video and see how we were able to make a set of racing tops, in two colours, for our team, with a little hard work, and some bagels and Gatorade.

Montreal Endurance Sweatshop! from John Lofranco on Vimeo.

Maybe next year, after we’ve run some times, we can ask one of the big shoe companies to sponsor us. Or maybe we won’t have to… 😉