Run In Montreal: the blog!

I’d like to introduce Vlad Davidescu, who has started a great project at his blog Run In Montreal. His goal is to run in ALL of Montreal’s parks, and rate them on his site:

“The goal really just popped in my mind on a nice sunny run next to my place, when I discovered I can rate runs on my Runtastic app. I thought to myself why not run in all parks in Montreal, wouldn’t that be cool/crazy? I could create routes and rate them, then add photos and reviews to describe the parks, and talk about my experience of running them.”

So I sat down with Vlad to find out more about him:

MTLE: When did you move to Montreal?

VD: I moved to Montreal in 1996. I was born in Romania and lived in Israel for a while.

MTLE: When did you start running, and how did it happen?

VD: I just started running in June of 2013. My cousin from Toronto piqued my interest when he came over 30lbs lighter, with a cool running watch and a heart rate monitor. Then I found out about this Couch-to-5K app, and it motivated me a lot. I wasn’t such an athletic guy before and didn’t care for running, but seeing my cousin so determined and having that “virtual coach” telling you how to do your beginners intervals changed my mind, and now I’m hooked.

MTLE: Why did you decide to try to run in all of Montreal’s parks?

VD: It was an inspiration that came to me while i was running in a beautiful park next to my house and saw a nice sunset that inspired me, and I asked myself how many parks are there in Montreal really? Then I said to myself wouldn’t it be cool to run in all of them and document them for others with photos and a description? The project and site grew from there.

MTLE: What are your future running goals?

VD: For 2014 I wish to run the Montreal Rock-n-Roll half-marathon, my first ever. I’ll do a few 10K races before to get ready. On the parks side of things, I plan to explore the western side of Montreal through running for my project.