Running Fiction

As you may have noticed, Montreal Endurance is taking a turn for the literary. Book reviews, cooking shows and such… I’ve also been writing for Canadian Running Magazine a weekly fiction serial (think Dickens…only more upbeat and about running!). Every Friday catch the adventures of Karina and her high school cross country team. Here are some teasers and links to each of the published parts. I’ll update as each one appears.

Part 1: Not A Regular Saturday Morning

On a regular Saturday morning, Karina Jordan woke up early. Unlike most teenagers, she didn’t dawdle in bed until noon, laze around the house in her PJs and go on Facebook. Ok, she did go on Facebook a bit, but on Saturday mornings, before she did anything else, she got up and went for a run.

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Part 2: Building The Team

Karina loved to run. Anytime, anywhere. Races, practices, runs through the park, whatever. She also enjoyed winning. In Grade 9, she had won every race, including the OFSAA championship. She had been a little sad though because while she always got the gold, her team didn’t always win.

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Part 3: A Stranger Presents a Possibility

Karina had a broken ankle. It had been all her fault, too.

On Friday night, she had missed the bus home from school, so she decided to walk instead of wait for the next one. She cut through High Park on her way, and was seduced by the trails. It wouldn’t hurt to run a bit, she thought, even though she didn’t have her runners on, and she was wearing jeans.

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Part 4: Inception of a Solution

“…That pamphlet will tell you all you need to know.”

Karina was on the edge of her bed, holding a dirty pamphlet in her hand, mesmerised at the old man lying in the next bed.

“Know about what?”

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Part 5: Getting to the Line

For six weeks she had been running in her dreams. She’d kept the pamphlet secret from her parents, tucked under her pillow. She started a dream journal, and after three nights, she was already able to recall her dreams so vividly, that she didn’t need to write them down anymore.

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Part 6: The Race

The gun went off and about 50 girls started running like a school of fish, shooting and darting in unison. Karina loved this moment as the pack swirled around her. Her legs were automatic beneath her hips as she moved herself through the other girls, right up the middle to the front. She didn’t feel a thing in her leg, not a thing! Like in her dreams, she led the pack across the field, and into the first of two 1500m loops in the trails below.

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