100 Minute

Sorry about the hiatus, I will be back on track starting today.


Though there was a bit of a lack of blogs in the last 2 weeks I have been keeping up with my running plan of get something done 6 days a week AND start workouts with the group on November 28th. The last 2 Thursdays I’ve had this marvelous revelation: I’ve run for the last 6 days so I don’t have to run today!! One was lying awake at 5 am, one was still awake at 1 am. Yup. However, the Thursdays keep being the particular day of both weeks that was going to be really stressful and I was really tired. The break’s coming at the right time.


As for the running part things have been going pretty well. Still for the most part my off days are only averaging about 45 minutes but like I said I’m trying not to worry about that right now. Nothing really interesting to report there -St Dens’ Christmas lights rather a disappointment if you’ve been following along- so I will give some details on the first few workouts of the season.


After the group run to look at the loop, which was a little hectic I started with the first real workout last Wednesday. We have been doing all of our workouts at Summit Circle in Westmount, steady states around a 1.5 mile loop at the top. Wednesday was 2 miles at 6:30 pace, I was set to the back of a pack with Gavin, JMK and Cliff. First mile felt pretty good and but the second one started to get a little tougher. I convinced myself (over the nice part of the loop, which looks over the city) that I should just not worry about whether we were picking up or slowing down but just follow.  Be competitive as my old coach used to say.  Though I didn’t always agree with that sentiment it worked out quite well this time, ending up 6:26, 13:01.


Next up was hills on Saturday. Jogged to the hill with Jon and Kelly so our dog could be in his cage for minimum time. Got there about 2 minutes before everyone else and started the hill circuit, which included long hills, steep hills and dynamic exercises. I found the second one easier than the first where we stopped between every exercise to get instructions for the next one. I couldn’t really remember the pattern so this was probably good but I found the second set a lot easier because you could get into a rhythm. It was a little hard as I was kind of half asleep but I got the impression that that one will be a really good workout once we get into it.


Today we were up at the Summit steady state loop again for double the action. The workout was 4 miles and I switched down to 6:45 pace as I wanted to make sure I was at something I could maintain and still have it be the easy type work steady state is supposed to be. I was a little worried about doing 4 miles as in the fall I was falling off fast on longer tempo workouts. The short ones I could handle but it was as if there was some sort of threshold that I wasn’t getting over. I wasn’t ready for the hard long half-marathon workout box that I’d categorized those workouts in in my head. I did make a quick decision that 4 was a lot better than 6 and to stick to it.


Started out with Gavin and were quickly joined by Jon and Liz which made a good little group. We went through mile 1 at 6:45, at the end of the second mile I started to drop off. I went through half was in 13:42 and was a little pissed. Shortly after I a. noticed that I wasn’t falling any further behind so could work on maintaining or catching, both always good and b. just started focusing on letting my legs drop and nothing else. This sounds a little weird but that is my mental way of keeping my legs relaxed. Feel the rhythm, your legs will just do it. I finished the 4 miles only 18 seconds back at 27:18 a giving me a second half of 13:36. So second mile was my slowest ( I did check my third mile split and did rough math to come to this conclusion) and held on to a not to far off 6:49.5 pace through 4 miles. Win 1 for the day.


Second win was in the accumulation of the run. I don’t have my plan yet as I haven’t met with coach John but judging by what I heard I should have had 75 minutes total running today. Ended up with 19:30 from home to gym, (brought the dog home) 17 up to the start of the Summit loop, 27:18 steady state workout and 35:30 home on a long cooldown over the mountain. Excel tells me that this is 99 minutes and 18 seconds. I had been starting to worry that I was going to just get comfortable with the 45 minute outings that I’ve been fitting in around school and such. I was running down the mountain today waaay over time and came to the happy conclusion that nope, this is what I like, and it still feels right even though its a little on hold for now. So that was win number 2.


Coming to an end here, there was something else I wanted to say relating to being mad at bikers for yet another new reason this weekend BUT I don’t remember what it was. So that will have to wait to next time. Win 3 was hearing that was the most fun I’ve had on a run that long from a fellow group member, who also requests that I end my blog today with:


And they lived happily ever after.