I think that I probably had the best what not to think while your running on Sunday morning thought process which is lesson 1: what to do in Motivation 101. I did get out of the house fairly early for a Sunday, especially when I am just putting a little time om my legs until real training starts next week. Finally at 8 I got out from under my blanket on the couch (the puppy kept chasing me because my blanket resembled a little too closely a towel, used in the towel time ‘game’ of drying him off after it rains, which he loves) double checked the weather network and got out the door. I did a couple indecision runs up and down the block trying to decide which direction would keep stressing to a minimum. I was trying to get my run in early for prime studying efficiency the rest of the day as I have a lot to get done!


I was doing quite well at loosening the stress knot in my chest as it was a nice day and I was running around a pond and such until I turned back towards my house at the nine minute to go mark and apparently had a mild freak out. With nine minutes to go I had the ridiculous and quite pitiful -albeit original- thought of “I bet somewhere the is a girl in Kenya who’s making a better effort at passing her final classes for her PhD”. Where did this come from?? The last 12 minutes (went 3 longer!) were spent alternatively laughing at myself and pumping myself up to be productive, which I have been doing fairly well for the day of studying. This is the lamest thing I have probably ever heard or thought, so had to share. As a result, I did quickly flip myself out of my stressed out mood, which is the best and almost automatic result of a nice little run. By the time I showed back up at my apt after 32 minutes I was joking and laughing. Running is an amazing thing.


I went looking for something in my room and found a pile of paper with the quote on it “Time is not hurried by our wants” which my high school running coach sent me in an e-mail in apparently 2007, first or second year of my undergrad. It makes me remember to be patient. I want the semester to be over and to start training and am getting kind of bored of jogging every day! 1 more week until first practice, 4 more until my final! Yeah! But with both, I’m just going to take it 1 day at a time. Importantly for both, have to remember to take breaks for myself, and buy people Christmas presents, which I love doing. Last year while I was shopping for my sister, I bought myself boots, and my dad spent all of Christmas break telling Natalie (the sister) that I was wearing her boots.


On that note, that’s all for today! Maybe it will snow again tomorrow morning, I love early snow runs!