Bump in the road.

I would love to blog about my awesome race last weekend in B’ham and how I finally got down under 1:19 in the half, but unfortunately then I would be lying.

With the exception of 13.1 miles I ran on Sunday morning, the weekend was a nice get away. I got a chance to room with Meagan, eat expensive/tasteless room service and get 8+ hour of uninterrupted sleep. However, the task I set out to complete Sunday morning didn’t even come remotely close to happening.
I dropped out a 4 miles. Not from injury, pain, or puking. For lack of a better excuse, I simply didn’t have it in me. Motivation = 0.

I know that’s sad. Who spends 6 weeks preparing for one race only to show up and not try. I understand what some people might think, however I do believe that there are some things in life that do not necessarily need to be discussed on a blog, however open diary like blogging truly is, and therefore I really have no further excuses. My heart wasn’t in it. As soon as it got hard I just couldn’t make myself go…AT ALL.

I dropped out at 4 miles (29:33 I believe) took off my number, started walking back…when I realized that it was probably easier just to finish the race then to try to make my way back to the start. I then put my number back on and jumped back in, covering the last 9 miles at about 6:30 pace. At least I put some work in.

Fortunately, I wasn’t sore after Sunday, so I went out Monday for a quality 12 miles and workout on the roads Wednesday. Because it was early and cold, we opted for 6X5min @ tempo w/ 2 min runs in between. We started out conservative and worked our way down to 10K pace by the last 2. Surprisingly enough, I recovered pretty fast between each of the hard sessions and figured I had set myself up for a highly successful training week.


Wednesday afternoon I (once again) pulled my intercostal muscle. This time the pull didn’t hurt as much walking around, but it hurt more to breath. Thursday I managed a slow 40 minutes breathing in short fast gasps. Friday I ran 70 minutes but slowly, about 8 minutes per mile. Friday I moved around too much and made it worse.

One positive is that I can still log treadmill miles with this injury, its just the road (pavement/concrete) that is too painful. Saturday I ran 17 quality miles on the t-mill, nothing spectacular, but good enough.

60 minutes @ 6:53/0.5 incline

20 minutes @ 6:15 & 0 incline,
3 rest/jog
20 minutes @ 6:15 & 0 incline
15 minute c/d

My legs just didn’t have it today and I felt uncomfortable, so I left the incline at 0 on the hard segments. I know its not the same as 6:15 on the flat road, but it was still tempo effort, whatever pace it was equivalent to.

I’m probably going to have to jog around just a few more days until my breathing gets better. Hopefully it will be just long enough for me to get my head back into the game. For everyone that is racing this weekend, have a good one and Run Happy!