Coach Blog: Fall training November 10-16

This week was a pretty light week. We did a fairly easy tempo on the Monday, 20min as 10min out, 10min back on the canal. Fun to do in a group as, in theory, if everyone does it right, we will all finish together. It actually worked out pretty close, except for the fact that a couple of the ladies were pushing it, but it was fun to see.

Wednesday in lieu of a workout we had a goal setting session. The idea was to get everyone in a room and share what we wanted to achieve in 2015. Once everyone’s individual goals were shared, we decided that our group goal was going to be 100 PBs. In 2014 we achieved 84 personal bests in our training group. 100 is a nice round number and certainly do-able with the group we have. The nice thing about the group PB goal is that it is the same all around. So for example the 3:48 John Corbit ran over 1500m for his fastest time in 5 years is worth the same as Nicole van Klink’s 46:22 10k.

We finished off the week with a group long run on Saturday morning. I wasn’t there because I was taking part in Athletics Canada’s Performance Coach course, as a learning facilitator for the endurance group. It was very cool to work with some of the best coaches in Canada, and share ideas and training thoughts with them. I am a big advocate of coach education. Some consider them hoops to be jumped through, but I have never done a course where I haven’t felt like I’ve learned something, and that includes this one where I was the teacher rather than the student. If you are a coach, take the courses to get your levels and follow up with the evaluation process. It will only benefit you and the athletes you coach.