Coach Blog: Fall training November 3-9

This week was pretty big in terms of volume, as despite most runners being done their xc seasons, we are still in build mode. We’ll touch the track a little in a couple of weeks, but for now: more bread and butter.

The first workout of the week is a simple progression run. The group run up to Summit Circle, and the plan was to run 3 loops total, each one faster than the last, starting at about 30k pace, through 20k pace, and ending at about 15k pace. For those who last week only managed a couple loops, it provided an opportunity to run three full times around Summit’s 2.4k loop.

On Wednesday we did circuits and short intervals. The photo from last week is actually from this workout. Two sets of 10x200m with the recovery being one of many lovely circuit exercises. This would be a long version of the Brazilian. I don’t know if Joaquim Cruz ever did it like this (he said he did it with fast 400s though, so probably), but anyway, we can still call it a Brazilian.

Saturday’s workout was the biggest of the fall. On the very tough 1500m loop, most of the group did: 3x8min cruise, 3x6min cruise, 6x1min 5k effort, 1min recovery between everything. Total running time around 2hrs (20min warm up, 60min workout (48min of quality), 40min cool down. This was the longest run of the fall for many (though not for the marathoners).

Not everyone was training, though. Mel, Jullian and Jarry were getting blown around Pippy Park in St. John’s. They survived, and even thrived on a very tough day.

The race of the fall, however, went to Nassim, who after finishing 7th at the Quebec College XC Championships, reloaded and ended up 10th at the national championships! It was a down and up season for Nassim, but it ended up two great races, so we won’t worry too much about the early stuff. He is a talented and hard-working young man, and always performs at his in the big races. There is something to be said for that. Any races that aren’t championship races are means to the end. Congrats to Nassim for his top ten finish and his team (Champlain College) for their bronze medal.