Crazy Ways

If you hadn’t figured out the vibe on Sunday, I was kind of stressed but mostly mildly annoyed at being bored of just doing distance for a month. The last 2 days I’ve done 2 different mi-it-up runs that both worked (I enjoyed them a lot!) for different reasons.


Yesterday I ran at 6:30 in the morning. I was feeling pretty ready to go for a Monday morning pre-sunrise so decided to commit to a longer run by just committing to a longer route. I decided to go a direction that I when I run, I only run one way. It can be added to but once I commit to the route it can’t be cut short. So I went down to Old Montreal and did my nice little loop. Planned loop, liked the plan = brainless run that was run at a little higher effort than most morning runs are just because its a little more of a run with a purpose loop.


My afternoon today didn’t go as smoothly as planned so I a. hadn’t thought too much about my plan for my run and b. didn’t want to spend to much energy on doing so. So instead of trying to figure out what would be a sensible getting pretty dark in the busy city run would be I kind of picked my route with a different kind of purpose. I just said to myself I am going to go run downtown and look at the Christmas lights because THeY make me happy! Always good to think – or not think- of a good way to switch up the run.


Though I am not ready to give the full verdict on the topic there was another definite factor to why I felt good out in the lights and sparkle today. I was quite happy to come home to my first order of Picky Bars last Friday afternoon. I knew they had been ‘shipped’ the week before so I was waiting for a package with much anticipation. As I said, I’m not ready to make the full assessment on whether they really are as good as I got the impression they were the first time I tried them last winter in Boston. I’m going to wait until I’ve tried one after a hard workout to make the final decision. As my feet were on fire and both my legs were convulsing in Boston, I may have been a little overzealous with my immediate decision that they were the best thing I had ever eaten. I tried every kind in quick succession. From where it stands now though, they are definitely doing the trick for both getting a little in before the run and holding it over until dinner is made or making it so I’m not starving at 9:30 when I get my butt to work. My run this evening way missing the hole at the pit of my stomach. It was quite lovely.


Not going to do the wake up and run tomorrow, looks like it will be pretty nasty in the early morning in Montreal. Our dog Caper might get to see snow the first time though!! Makes it worth the wait for the afternoon run.


Be careful out there!