Cross Prep Yo.

The ceiling in my bathroom has started to cave in abit, from water damage acouple weeks ago, and the cockroaches I find every now and then are getting smaller, I think I’m really warming up to my new place. The building manager put up a pest control prevention notice in the front. He used alot of big words that my neighbors the alchiesss might get dizzy looking at. Hopefully this piece of paper on the wall helps keep the bugs away.

Last weekend the team headed up to Rawdon for a quick training camp, which was way over due. We had a blast. Sometimes I wish I had a camera or something that follows us around to catch hilarious moments… I found out that sleeping bags aren’t cool enough for Sof, he slept both nights basically on the ground, in pants and jacket. Man, the things this guy does. I also had my crazy moment of the weekend. I woke up to rain at about 4am, jumped out of the tent in my boxers and then started poking holes into the tarp on the ground with a fork. At that point in the morning I thought it made alot of sense. No one else understood.

I’ve decided to grow a stache for cross. An actual stache. I’m embarrassed to say this is my first time. Its not going too well. I have to lean close to my bathroom mirror and squint to make out the tiny hairs where a stache should be. Its probably going to turn out pretty bad. But for my own purposes, I’m going to keep updating the progress of the stache. I’ve let everything grow unchecked, so the stache alone doesn’t look that bad (well lack thereof). But once I decide to shave the chin and such its just gonna be dirty. Someone asked me if the beard/stache would interfere with running because of wind drag. I informed them about the correlation between facial hair and ballziness. One more person educated.

Workouts are going well. I ran a tough tempo yesterday. Just under 9k in 30min. I’m pretty happy with it, I used a pretty tough 2.2k loop, so thats a banging rum for half marathon pace. It also felt like a good effort to get it. I’ve always liked tempos, and consider them essential for my training. That doesn’t make them easy though.

School has started. Lets not talk about it.

Its cross season people. This my shit. Get ur spikes, get those split shorts out. Get runnin’. See you guys at Mcgill!

Gotta run.