Dog Duty

I bet you thought it had gotten too late and I wasn’t going to get the blog in today. You were wrong. I was just waiting until prime time at my boyfriend’s parent’s house on triple dog duty while the boyfriend is out getting his hair cut. Yes its true!


Its very nice to get out of the city and for a couple days and even to get away from the schedule a bit. Just for a little while. When I’m left too long without a lot of structure I’ve noticed that my running usually suffers a bit, like I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs, though I usually get all my runs and workouts in over Christmas my first few workouts back are usually rather stale- read very stale. But today I just felt like I could really relax on my run and though I wasn’t thinking about it too much at all on the way out, found a perfect spot to do the hill repeats I need to get in on the way back. Its a fairly long hill that has a seemingly even length and steepness up and down, so I’m planning on doing a slightly modified ‘short hills workout’ tomorrow by going up one side hard, jogging over and down and then up the other side hard. The hill is a little short so I’ll go a little harder throughout and will probably do a few more than 5. I’m planning 7-9, we’ll see how it goes.


Last bit of training has been a little up and down but nothing earth shattering on either side of the spectra. I’m really liking the Kent Park track workouts, though I was having trouble in the middle of the last 10k -marathon continuous workout we did I got back into a good rhythm for the end. I figure that one of the most important things for keeping a good 10k pace on the track will be feeling the rhythm of the pace throughout and trying desperately not to think about what 22 more laps REALLY means. So I’ve been trying to get in a focused mindset and trying to keep stray thoughts out when I get into one in any long repeats on the track. Also, added a new training partner last time at Kent, which is very exciting!!


That’s all for now!


(almost forgot the white space)