Dragon Back on the Train

I’ve had a long time to think, but that doesn’t necessarily mean any thoughts have occurred that were worth writing down. Blogging for blogging’s sake.

My life has changed dramatically. I’m a student and an athlete like I was in Montreal, but the makeup of that relationship is different. I’m a student in a professional program called Teacher’s College. Coming to class tired, or unprepared doesn’t fly. All my courses, seminars and tutorials are like professional appointments. I’ve just finished up my practicum; I was in an elementary school teaching math to a class of grade 5s. It was a lot of pressure being thrown into the fire so quickly. My running has become more professional as well. I was training with the Western XC team, but wasn’t competing for them, my goals existed somewhere else, somewhere French. They existed outside of school, but my motivation didn’t really change at all. Never Settle. I’m learning a lot, and whats better is that I can apply a lot of it in running and coaching. What I learn in the sport is also useful in the classroom. A lot of my classes focus on instruction techniques. I also filled a role as a quasi staff member for the team, so I helped out where I could (and observed) with the nuts and bolts of a large competitive running team. My day to day title was ‘tent guy’.

My fitness is coming around nicely. I took some solid time off running after TF champs, and when I say solid I mean a week of no running and lots of ice cream. Once I started training again I immediately started to roll, which typically takes me a week or two. The plan was to run a decent XC season, but prepare for a solid indoor season, as I’m be eligible to run for western TF.  I’m happy with some of my XC results; 7th at Canadian road 10k champs, and 25 flat in Louisville. But it’s tough to be sharp in XC if you aren’t truly focused on it. The top guys in the country were focused on XC. Throw in some of the best Canadian road racers, and they got shit-pumped.

Mcgill Open XC went well. I hadn’t gotten my volume quite where I wanted it, and I had been doing a lot of tempo workouts, so Mcgill was a solid effort for me. Got nipped at the end though, I don’t overly enjoy leading an entire race, think I have it, then lose it at the end. Gotta work on my finish some more.

Canadian 10k Road Championships in Toronto went well too. I love getting into those races where its a deep and competitive field with strong runners like Watson, Reid, Gillis and Wykes. Those guys are a couple steps ahead, but its good to get into races against them, and get a feel of where they are in comparison.

Quebec Provincials was awful, but seeing as I didn’t train properly for XC, my poor showing is understandable. Indoors has always been on my mind.

London hasn’t lost its charm. I still find it weird. A town that thinks its a city, and will argue the point until it gets red in the face.

On to Indoors.

I look forward to racing Les Dudes de Laval. They’re never shy to lay down the hurt.