How the little details can screw up everything

So yesterday, was the the first track workout outiside, it was nice to be running in the fresh air and on a 400m track. The only problem was that I have trouble running outside when it’s cold. I have some problems with my nose and through that prevents me from breathing properly when the air is to cold. This is a major factor for me during cross, I believe one of the reason why I’m so much faster on the track than in cross.

The problem is still unknown. I cannot breathed from my nose at all time, so I have to rely only on my mouth to take thje breath in. When the air is cold it enters my mouth and warms up this causes moiture and mucus drips form my nose in my through and I’m not able to breathed properly. I am suposed to be getting test when I come back from California.

Maintenant en parlant de la Californie, D-day is approching faster than I imagined. Je part déjà dans deux semaine…wow! Vue que je part en plein milieu de la session d’examen, je manque deux de mes examens finaux. Donc, je suis aller voir le bureau des examen à Concordia pour leur expliquer ma situation. La réponse:

EO: you will have to defer your exam.

SC: ok, when will I be able to take the exam?

EO: The next time the course is offered.

SC: WHAT!!(in my head) OK, well I’m suposed to be graduating in June

EC: Well you won’t be able to graduate until november. You will have to decided between Track and Field or Graduating. Goodluck

SC: WHAT!!! you must be F……. kidding me (again in my head)

I was really angry, deciding between running and school is impossible, I still do not understand why I cannot do my exams when I come back in may.

Rigth now, I have people working on it, in order to let me go and race across the country.

and to top it off I received a parking ticket later that day by an idiot, because I was not parked at a no parking space it was behind me that I was not allowed to park. I think that we should removed all the stupid people fromt eh earth it would solve so many problems including overpopulation. Food for though lol

So I will be going to California, will I graduate? I think I will, the concordia stinger moto say’s that they will do anything for their student athlete we will have to see if that is true