Hunkering Down

I’m falling in love with running again.

During my build I haven’t really had to take it easy for workouts, so I get to play around alot. Or I et myself, I end up hammering along the canal, or up around the mountain, or around lafontaine parc. Usually on my way back home I end up on maisonneuve where the bike path is, and race bicycles on my way home. Running fast is something I love to do, and doing stress free (from workouts) is even better.

Today is the first day of the dry season. I’m hunkering down, its time to start forking and piling the hay into the barn. I’ve run some decent mileage this month, now its time to convert it. Im going to pound out a 20min tempo later today, nothing crazy, with alot of easy running before and after to get in some sweet oh so sweet mileage, and strides.

Yesterday the team was at John’s place for dinner, good times, food was had by all. I’m looking forward to spending this season with all the vets and new faces. Every year we grow as a team.

With world track and field championships going on this past weekend I’ve been thinking alot about the choices I’ve made that have gotten me to where I am right now in running, and the choices I want to make to get me further. I’ve been so pumped about Canadian’s presence in the heats and proud that they all looke forward to bigger and better things. In 4-5 years thats exactly where I want to be, but only on the top. The very top.

I have no illusions as to how hard it is to get there, or how much work its going to take, and the sacrfices I have to make. Its just deep down inside, when I watch those champions crossing finish lines, and experience the elation they do for being world champion, I feel it too, and thats exactly what I’m working towards. My goals change, and readjust themselves, I’m not setting myself up for dissapointment, it would be dissapointing for me if I didn’t try.

Here we go.