I Hate Programing!!

We’re chalking this up as a good opportunity to write a blog, take a break and get back to sanity after working on my Matlab programming hw for a bit. I’m not very good at programming. Sorry, enough Chemistry here! Quick running update.


This week has been a consistent week, but with a few rough patches workout wise. I’m not worrying about it too much as I am starting to feel like I have a base to depend on, which is good for having a race in a week. I have not had any disaster workouts but I haven’t been particularly thriller with any all week either, which can be hard. Monday was a steady state for 40 minutes. I am still feeling a lot more solid on these ones than I was in December and January. I’m glad that the mileage for the workout has stayed constant for a while. I’ve found that getting some reassurance that I can do a workout on a good or a bad day (this past week, not so hot) helps before tacking on -read tackling- an up in mileage. This week was supposed to be steady state at 7 minute pace on a 4:30/30 split with 3k pace surges. Strangely enough, though some miles ended up with one and others with two surges, I was just running 7 minute pace the whole time. Interesting phenomena.


I had trouble with the workout on Thursday, and probably more so than was needed as I have a tendency to get fixated on times. Sometimes this is good, but Thursday was a bit more of an experiment workout, a kind of workout that is probably testing something a little more intangible than your ability to run race pace and I got a little lost in the middle. I was frustrated that I kept running the rest at the right tempo but couldn’t quite hit the times for the repeat portions. I should have recognized that I wasn’t that far off and the point of the workout was more the distance and staying as consistent as possible. I wasn’t falling apart, I’d run a consistent slower pace for 3 200s, I just wasn’t quite hitting that pace my mind was stuck with. I stopped after 11 but was able to finish all 25 repeats after jumping back in with Liz for number 13 and stayed at the same pace the entire time. The workout was hard but ended up being doable. Next time 25 in a row and a blanker head.


Saturday was also fine but just ended up needing to be moved to an effort workout as we were in the process of getting a foot of snow. So got all the times and the workout efforts in correctly for the week, just have to make sure I keep that in my head for another week. And, ordered Picky Bars about 10 days ago so hoooping that they come in before Provincials, as they are awesome and I’m really excited to try them for prerace! And I just want an excuse to eat as many as possible…

Next time!