Idaho outdoor and indoor WAC Champions

Last week was a busy week, the end of the semester and the Western Athletic Conference Outdoor Championships. This year the WAC championship was held by my school in Moscow, Idaho so I had pretty long week with the first part of the week studying for finals. My last exam and school work was handed in on Wednesday and then on Thursday it was racing my first race of the championship.

I am happy to say that I have officially completed my first year of grad school one more to go and I will have obtained my Master. So once that was taking care of I only had to concentrate my focus to the WAC championship. It was nice having it at home sure it did not get to travel and be with the team of the track, but I go to sleep in my bed to my own things before races and probably the best part having the home crowd and friends there cheering you on. It was a super fun and long 2 days of racing and excitement. Obviously the goal of the team was to win both the girls and men championship, however our girls were missing a lot of their key elements so they were ranked 5th going in the meet. Props to them for coming out with a 2nd place real close to winning the entire thing, I have no doubts that they would have won the Championship if they had a full team. These girls are just so amazing and fit they performed super well and impressed everybody. Especially Erica who raced 3 races in one day (800m final 5th, 1500 final 1st, and 5000m 1st) that’s a lot and they weren’t real slow times; she is just a beast, what an athlete and a competitor.  Anna getting second in the 800 and 1500m with two PB’s in the 800m on two consecutive days, Alycia killing everybody in the steeple but that was not really a surprise and then coming back and taking third in the 5000m, well I could on and on there were some many good moments.

Then our guys team just put it all on the line everybody stepped up and contributed for the team wish is why we were able to come away with the team title, the first team title for Idaho since 2001, the 5th WAC point total in its 50 years of existence with 219,5 points for our team.  This title would not have happened without Andy Blaser who is just a monster on the track posting 44 points for our team 2 gold medals and 4 bronze medal in 4 days of competition that is impressive what an athlete.

Now for my two days of racing I competed in the 3000m steeple (Finally) on Thursday, then 1500m, and then the 5000m on Friday. The steeple is a fun event, but it hurts so badly and when you are horrible at water jumps it just makes it that much worse. I ran a 9:20 in a slow championship race at a bit of altitude not bad for my first steeple since 2009. I believe I could be a descent at steeple if I practiced the water jump because my flat hurdles are not bad at all. I came third my last water jump cost me second going up to it tied for second and then just cannonball in the water pit and watch the guy blast by me and take a good 3 sec lead in a no time after that I knew I was not going to get second. The next day I came back and had only one goal win the 1500m, however I knew that if I let it go out slow I would most likely get outkicked since I have not much speed work yet this year. So after a pedestrian slow first 100m in 18 seconds I decided to take and push the pace, trying to run away from the field every lap I would try to make a gap, it almost worked one guy stuck with me the entire race and Berny managed to latch on at the last minute. With 200m to go berny and the Utah State guy both passed me but I managed to bust out a pretty nice kick, but it was a bit too short and I got second.  Berny won the race so it was a 1-2 for Québec that was fun Representing Québec at WAC. The less than two hours later I lined up to race the 5000m it was a pretty slow pace but even after the first kilometer in 3 flat I was not feeling too hot, I could tell I had a 3:53 1500m in my legs. I tried my best to stay with the lead pack but I got dropped from the two guys and was running third for a good part of the race however the guy that was 4th had not raced once and it was my third race of the day so he blew by me with 600m to go and I just couldn’t respond to his move but I still managed to finish 4th with a time of 15:05. Overall I was happy with my weekend, I had a goal to win my three events, but that was maybe pushing it a bit.

Now that WAC and school is over the focus is purely track since I have another two weeks before first round of NCAA in Austin, Texas. I will be racing the 5000m should be fun and if it’s not warm and humid it will be the place where I’ll try to run a sub 14 for the first time.  I know it’s in me just need the race to do it.