Indoor Season

Indoor season has come to an end. For most people I’ve talked to, they’re excited about the coming outdoor season. To get on the outdoor track, and not have to negotiate turns, and run around in short, sharp 200m circles. I can relate to that. I’m excited for my upcoming outdoor season, but I’m also tired. After a season, even though the indoor season wasn’t necessarily a peaking season for me, I was still focused, and when I raced, I raced as hard as I could. This all kind of hit me at Quebec Provincials this weekend. I was tired, and didn’t feel like racing, so when I crossed the finish, with a win and at 8:37 or so, I was surprised at how fast I had run the race, despite the crappy feelings and moods I had been in before hand. A lot of it had to do with lack of sleep, but I think it also was the buildup from the season. Even though John and I knew that we weren’t treating the indoor season as a peak season, I still feel heavy mentally, but thankfully not physically, so it’s safe to say the training seems to be bang-on. Over-all, I’m pumped at where I am. I raced well, and ran a blazing 8:29 in Boston, which I’m very happy with. I can’t wait to push the ceiling higher. This week will be light, next week the volumes starts to ramp up again.