It’s been a fun road!!

What to say about last weekend results on the track…WOW. So much fast times from all over. I love running fast, but I also love watching others run fast. In the last couple of year the sport of track and field is getting faster and faster, this is all happening so quick it’s ridiculous. When I started running in 2006, I ran my first ever 3000m on the track at a high school meet. I ran 10:17 and got second, I was really happy not because of time I did not know anything about time, but mostly because I had gotten second and a medal. Now six years later I just ran a 3000m in 8:08;31, that is crazy more than 2 minutes faster. I would have never thought that I would have ever run that fast, but when you love the sport, the training, you put the hard work in you get these kind of results. These kinds of results are why we keep doing what we do, because if you are a distance runner, you know that it is not easy sometimes getting out that door and getting that run in. Most of the time getting out the door for that easy run or long is the hardest part of the run.


I’m very excited for the province of Québec. People are starting to run fast, faster than we have seen in Québec since the 80’s. It’s really fun to watch and also having all that competition close to home is also great. However I feel that it is best for getting faster kids that watch runners run fast. I won’t lie sometimes I get mad at my computer when I see fast results from Charles, JS, Lavoie, Bernard, Collin, Tommy, and Ryan but this is what motivates me even more to get in that hard training and show others and myself that I can run fast too. I love the rivalry that we have in Québec these days it fun and makes provincial worth racing because you have a chance to run a PB at provincials now.


I guess I should talk a bit about my race last weekend at the Husky Classic in Seattle. What a competition it was, crazy atmosphere, crazy fast time really cool to watch. I have to say it was probably the biggest meet that I have ever been too. When you hit the starting line of a 3000m with 24 other guys that have all seed times of 8:07 to 8:15 you’re in for hell of a ride. That race was fast, but horrible at the same time, so many pushing and shoving. I got pushed all the way to the back because of the fast start and I wanted to start more conservative, but then I could not get out of the back since runners were running 5-6 wide in the straights it was really annoying I just wanted to yell at them get out of the way. We were running fast that is sure, but I felt was to relax in that race When you can kick the last lap and past 12 runners and finish the race and feel like you could have ran another 2 laps it mean that you had lots left. This is frustrating because what time could I have ran if I had gave it all on the track. It is also motivating because I know that I can go faster next time. This means that training is going really well here in Moscow, I love training with Barry sometimes he gets on my nerve, but he is an awesome training partner and it think that it was just what I needed to go to that next step. I didn’t mind training alone for the last couple of years, but it is way more fun running and pushing it in the last part of the training with someone else. It is frustrating when you break the school record, but Barry runs 1,2 seconds faster than me and gets to have it. No worries i’m going to get another chance to get it from him.


To end it I would like to congrats Tommy Lecours, Jean-Samuel Lapointe for both breaking the 1000m provincial record and also Alex Genest for breaking the 3000m record and is first sub 8 min performance… Good Job guys.