Like a train goin’way from pain.

I’m back home, it’s been just about two months since I’ve been on the farm, it’s nice to be out of the city. The weather is crazy. You don’t notice it as much in the city, because you have the buildings, the mountain, and you can get around and on with your day in doors if you have to. I mean, there is the occasional walk outside, and waiting for the bus in bad weather sucks, but you can get away with it. Wednesday I wasn’t feeling the pouring rain, so I did all my running inside that day, 45min on a treadmill in the am, and the workout on the indoor track in the pm, including warm-up and cooldown. Normally I wouldn’t do any of my running indoors like that, but seeing how tuesday night my left quad was bothering me, I didn’t want to get caught in the middle of ndg, or the north end, not being able to run. And it was nice to be out of the rain. Thursday turned out to be a little bit of a shock. I like running at home, but its a whole other experience. I’m alone. No cars, no people walking around. So the scenery is different, and it takes getting used to. The stimuli is different, so I always find the first run feels hard, because I’m in a different place than I’m used to. I did my hill sprints that morning on a roller-coaster hill near my house. When we were kids and I had friends over, or if my mom was giving us lifts somewhere, she would gun it down this hill, at the bottom it doesnt flatten out, it just goes right up another small hill then flattens out, so if you go fast enough, you can feel your stomach coming out of your nose. Its a great hill. For my evening run I went around the block. It was hilly, windy and hail was coming down. Its a nice run though, most of it was on soft gravel from the rain and hail which is really nice to run on since its alot of sidewalks and pave in the city. After about 45min or so, though, my quad started bothering me again, which got me really grumpy, the left one is knotted up a good bit and tight, hurts like hell when I relax on the roller. I made myself chocolate chip cookies to feel better. It worked. Gotta love the cookies. Lucy sent me a sweet comic strip that basically depicts exactly how I decide when I want cookies. Everytime. Its a good system.

Training is going well, busting out the kills. I’ve been reading alot of interviews from flotrack, one series I can’t get enough of is Fartlek and Low Things. The 6th installation is one of the best, but its a tough call, the one about the wild boar is baddass too. I would love to live like these guys. When I was finishing up my 80min run yesterday, I think I saw about two dozen deer running off fields into the woods, just taunting me. Those buggers can move, its fun to think about, what else was I going to dwell on, my throbbing quad? No thanks. Running down a buck Rod Dixon style? Yup.

I got a lift home with my dad wednesday night, its always funny riding with my dad. I always dive into all kinds of topics, what I’ve been doing, training, working, school. I’m never sure what he wants to hear about, or what he doesn’t want to hear about. He just listens. Then we end up talking about the weather, cattle, and sometimes the middle east. Eventually he’ll tell me about the latest thing his little fella phil has done (thats his cat) sometimes his stories can be kinda creepy, he’s pretty affectionate about his cat, and sometimes they can be really funny. Anyways, he thinks the cat is a genius, but all it does is walk around meowing for food, or doors to be opened, so its got him (my dad) trained pretty well. Sorry dad.

Its 12:30, lunch time, we’re gonna have lunch, then move cattle. We have a bunch of cows that had new calves (not the muscle) this spring, but they had to be kept in pens because the cows weren’t taking to their calves properly, inorder to help the mothering process along. The plan is to let them out, and walk them along a road that runs from the hay barn where they were being kept, to a pasture not far from the barn. It sounds simple, but things always happen. Usually a job takes 3 times as long as it should. So I can foresee running after some animals this afternoon, not a big deal.

Good luck to Colle racing in Cali, he’s gunning for a sub 14:00. Its gonna be a gutsy race.