Listen to your body

My Lenten adventure came to a close yesterday, after 14 consecutive days of running, as my body sent a firm signal to me to stop. I won’t get into it, but a day off was required. I’ll likely go again tonight with Miriam, nice and easy.

Listening to your body is an important part of achieving your running goals. Here’s a good article about running by feel. It’s not just about doing what your body says, though. It’s how you learn from your mistakes. For example, from the article:

Runners are notorious for running through issues that may later turn into some pretty serious injuries. What kinds of things should they do to actually listen to what their bodies are trying to say?

Experience is the key. If you are not the type of runner who is tempted to stupidly push through fatigue and pain, then you are not the kind of runner who has what it takes to reach his full potential. The most successful runners are always inclined to do too much versus too little.

That said, actually doing too much ruins one’s progress in running. The smartest runners learn from doing too much. They get tired of hitting their head against the wall and develop the capacity to resist the temptation to do too much in the future.

You have to be both wilful and smart to become the best runner you can be.”

Anyway, even though I didn’t get to run for 47 consecutive days (I learned that in fact the 40 days of Lent do not include Sundays. But it’s not like I would have not run on Sundays, so…), I’m excited to be running more, and I’m certainly very excited for the road race this weekend. I won’t be racing, but the “young people” will.

We’re using the Lasalle 10k and 5k as a way of testing the fitness of people in the group. Even though it is a race, it’s more of a check-up, or a test. Those who had a good winter, and those who hunkered down in March and did some good work will be rewarded with an indication of improved fitness. Those who did not will hopefully be motivated to get on the train. I have no predictions to make. I am just excited to see what people can do.

With the weather finally breaking a bit (it should be about 0 degrees and sunny Sunday morning, not enough to run “en chest” just yet, but still nicer than winter), the roads have cleared and the runners can get some good turnover going. Not everyone is enamoured with the indoor track, (I’m certainly not) so this weekend is also a chance to feel a little more comfortable in a racing environment. And even for those who do love the track, this should be a good weekend because good track runners tend to be able to take down the pure roadies in these shoulder season events. Mostly that’s because they are one of the few road events the track runners will do. It’s always a good test to race against the likes of Debi Amor, Baghad Rachem, Leslie Gold, and Nathalie Goyer. If you can beat them, then you are in good shape.

Anyway, I’m excited for Sunday. Race info here. 5k is at 8:50, 10k run is at 9:35. I’ll be there, running around and yelling stuff, starting at about 8:30. I probably won’t have much to yell until the races start, but I’ll think of something to bide my time!