Minooor Derailment

So I had this dentist appointment yesterday morning at 10, about 14 hours after I got home. Went a little bit like this oh hygenist did some teeth cleaning: lovely. We’ll take a look at that small cavity you had last time you were here: oh yes lovely. Oh that tooth, I’ve been thinking a bit about that tooth, yup I’ve been wondering what the best thing to do about that tooth, I’ve actually been having nightmares about that wierd wisdom tooth I think we should just take that one out. (Me) Like today? Well I just don’t know we could just give you the weekend to mull it over since you booked an extra appointment because your nice and responsible in case there were any new cavity developments. (Me) So today? Yes it better be today. Lets stick in a couple more neddles, yes, that would be lovely.

So about 40 minutes later I could only feel half of my face and was less one wisdom tooth.  And I was quizzing the dentist- as I was just novacaned up not druggy- how I was suppossed to eat and when was the next time I could run and how not to starve without getting the evil dry sock. Apparently I didn’t have to eat only a liquid diet, but that I couldn’t really eat any meat and such. Or anything remotely crunchy.


 So I’ve survived so far and am definetly a lot better off than the people that get all 4 out at one. My face is a little more chipmunky on one side but its hard to tell says my grandmother- who incidentally is now the only one in the family that I can eat faster than! I’m going to take tomorrow and probably Sunday off and start up again on Monday if things are going ok with some easy running for a few days. I may have thrawted John’s plan to make me run up nothing but 800 m hills all vacation though! Or at least be missing one of those workouts (I haven’t looked if its scheduled 3 or 4 times over the holiday 🙂 ). If anyone has any tips, let me know- keep in mind I can kind of chew on one side of my face.  


Be back soon