So I’ve had it in the back of my head for a while that I didn’t really like the way I was going about being dedicated to running, I hadn’t for a while. I’d admittedly been procrastinating both thinking about why and thinking about a way to get that little bit of extra motivation I needed to get me to the next time I’m suuupper excited about running. I love running, so I know its bound to happen, but if you know its going to need a push, you should probably try and figure out how to give it one.


Today two things happened to me, both rather unexciting. Was biking home from the physics building where I’d been working on problem set 7 at 12:30 am and saw a guy running. He was not running from the police, he had running clothes on and was working up a sweat and everything. Might have been my overactive spawned by tiredness imagination, but I think there was even a headband involved. The end of day numero deux of missing a scheduled run because I was stressed out about school had finished a half hour ago. Running 12:30 am headband man made it snap into my head: this is not good, this is not like me. The other thing that happened (at the more reasonable hour of about 12:30 pm actually) was that I read Lauren Fleshman’s blog # 3 about the New York marathon. I’m pretty inspired by Lauren, it was a cool blog and I’d kind of like to be in a similar mindset to the one she was describing when I run a marathon some day. Its similar to the kind of runner I want to be. She thought she needed a change for an edge in the 5k, and she just made it, and did her best not to stress about it.


This brings me to the motivation shift that I hope I’m starting. I decided today that I am going to start blogging about running (I just almost wrote running about blogging, that would be rather confusing if you ask me) often. Minimum goal being at least once a week, I’ll try for twice.


The reason behind this is that I have this back of my head feeling that I’m loosing a bit my high school runner’s brainwashing, loosing a little too much of it. My high school coach was really awesome. He thought me a lot about life and a lot about running, and I’ll probably talk more about him at a later date. I know that just saying brainwashing makes it sound like something bad was going on, but I don’t mean that at all.


Due partly to my coach and partly to the fact that I am quite stubborn I had very strict rules about running in high school and I didn’t really bend them much. One rule I already broke today: above zero degrees outside you wear shorts. Really bad windchill, too bad, my legs usually warmed up anyway. The other thing that I was really strict about in high school was running every day. My coach had the philosophy -generally- that if you took your off days easy enough and switched things up between seasons a bit that you didn’t really need any days off. So taking this to heart in high school I will admit that I did a couple runs after work in the winter that were a little over excessive. When I’d fought with my mother to let me leave the house for about a half hour I will disclose the fact that I did some runs, maybe about 5 in my whole high school career that consisted of a particular compromise. Since it was getting a little late and was pretty much pitch black in January at 8 pm I did my six mile run around my block.


I’ve learned that some of my high school rules can do with some bending. I have since added a (fairly strict) exception to rule 1. If its less than 5 degrees and raining, you can wear 3/4 tights. That weather is really unpleasant. Today it was going between rain and snow but said 2 degrees on the weather network, so I made the exception. This rule is totally worth it for days when you have a 2 mile outside warm up (not time for your legs to really get cold anyway) as it used to regularly serve the purpose of making guys look like a bunch of wimps in their full length tights. I had to stick with the shorts if I couldn’t tell them for certain that it was ‘below freezing’ -they got in a frenzy it you said below zero, couldn’t comprehend this if they weren’t told whether it was 30 or 32 degrees.


I’ve also learned that a little healthy time off can do you good. I don’t have a strict between seasons time off, but now it does generally range from between 3 to 10 (you saw it here first, I took 10 full days of nothing after the half in October, partly due to pending midterm, the day after which, you guessed it, I ran). Also, a day off here or there when sticking a run in is guaranteed to add exponentially to your stress level more often than not isn’t worth it either.


Without going too much into detail this had been happening too often for my liking during my training for the half . Though I’d fought it off pretty well with an easy build-up since it has shown its ready to creep back in to my ‘training’ schedule in that I’ve taken (scheduled) day off Monday and (unscheduled) day off Tuesday and Wednesday. Luckily, today I decided that I’m going to take some time to start to blog more about running, which -in addition to its other perks- I hope gives me a little extra accountability for my training. Though we’ve all noted before that’s its scary, putting goals, ups and downs and dreams about running out there make them more real. If I am going to say I am committed to my training I want to be able to show it, so regular reports on that will be showing up here. Anyone can feel free to call me a liar if I don’t keep it up. Can’t guarantee it will be entertaining or exciting, but though I love “Le Blog de Rob” and all -favorite one was about the buckwheat crepe mix and the chickpeas, I can’t eat gluten, so it was extra fun for me-  I’ll be trying to keep non running tangents to a minimum.


Finish with a running update, should have probably put this on top but I swear I was going to go running already when big snowflakes started to fall today right before I headed out the door. Really pretty run on the mountain in the dark during the first real snow today!! I went for 54:38. The last 2 weeks, I’d done 2 days on, 1 day off and 3 days on, 1 day off of between 45 and 60 (one was 73, that was a mistake) minutes. I’ve been doing physio for my hip (right side of my body sucks ALL around it) that locked up during the half in October. The pain has pretty consistently gone to just a background thing and I’ve been doing my physio exercises. As Montreal Endurance workouts  don’t start until November 28th (guess what day THAT is!!!) I’m just on easy run train until then, but I think I’m ready to try that fairly full time and am going to start on 6 days a week plan until then.


Here goes nothing and happy reading.