Mt.Sac recap

This weekend, I travelled to Southern California in order to take part in the Mt. Sac Relays. It was hot, oh boy was it hot… Living for the past few months in Moscow, Id were it’s dry and cold, the heat and humidity was a real shock to the system. I was real happy that I got to race at 9:40 at night or else I probably would have collapsed on the track mid-way thru the race.

The conditions were pretty much ideal, not to warm, not much wind, and a good group of guys to race against. My race plan was to start at 14 min pace and stay the more relax possible and pick it up toward the end.  I almost managed to execute that plan to perfection. Pretty much the entire race I felt strong, relax, and in control at no point did I think the pace was too fast for me or I felt like I was dying. I believe it was one of the few 5000m were I felt in control and relax the entire race.  My splits were about 2:47 – 2:48 – 2:49 – 2:55 (REALLY) – 2:45.

So my 4th 1000m was super slow and if most likely what cost me my sub 14 min. Since I would have run another 2:48 and I would be at around 13:58. So basically what happen was that I was with a group of maybe six guys including me. The entire race I could hear my coach give me my splits and it was always 67-68 per 400m. That pace was perfect so I just stayed tucked in on that train. Apparently my laps 9 and 10 were 70’s and I didn’t feel the group slowing down and I couldn’t hear my coach telling me the splits, I could see him scream, but it was like nothing was coming out of his mouth.  Then with a kilometer to go, I looked at the time and told myself that I had to go if I wanted to break 14 min, with 400m to the time was 13:00 so I needed to run a sub 60 in order to break 14, not an easy task, running that fast after 11,5 laps of the track. Finished with a time of 14:05;03 not a bad time, 10 seconds PB, number two all time of my University, number one in my conference so far, 33rd in the west region and 75th in the NCAA so far this year. I also managed to jump into number 9th all time in Québec history. I know I have more to give and another 10 second jump by the end of the year is not unrealistic.

So I feel I have been racing a lot this month, not use to opening the season so early and also doing so many races. This weekend, I’ll be back at Stanford for the Payton Jordon and hopefully hop in a fast 1500m and run a time that I am way due of running. I have been chasing fast times in the 1500m for over two years now, it’s about time that I actually run a good one. The first weekend of may, I will be traveling to Oregon. I’m excited to race at Hayward field, but this is where things get interesting. I will be doing the 3000m steeple, I had said earlier that I was going to run steeple this year, well in two weeks my steeple debut will have arrived, it will be my first steeple since Canada games in August 2009 let’s see what I can do in that event. I have been told by many that steeple might be my best event so will see if it really is.

I would also like to say congrats to my friend and rival Olivier Bernard from Fresno State for finally running a 1500m worthy of his potential 3:46;57 is a good one after three years of not doing much welcome back my friend.