No Worries

I haven’t used a toilet for about 36 days.

I haven’t had a good coffee for about the same amount of time.

I’ve slept in, past the sunrise only twice.

I shower using a bucket of hot water, splashing it on my body with my hands.

I eat ugali with almost every meal.

Meat is a luxury; I get excited when I find out I’m going to have meat.

I haven’t had a cookie in 37 days.

I drink a full glass of fresh milk from the farm with lunch and supper.

On days after is rains I have to look for a solid small stick to dig the mud off my shoes.

The days I run triples go by in the blink of an eye.

I always eat well on Sundays.

I’ve been scared for my life only twice; once while dreaming of robbers hacking away at Michael in the next room, and once after a hill workout, when we all jumped into the back of a small Toyota pick-up. There was probably twenty of us in the box and 4 or 5 guys in the cab. In the box, guys sat along the edge and walls and tailgate, then there were seven or eight standing up with a hand on the cab. The driver; Abraham, Diamond League 800 dude, was driving fast as hell down a paved road towards Mosoriot. I was imagining him taking a sharp turn, or hitting one of the many potholes on the road, as fast as we were going, and throwing every one of us in the box up in the air, helpless. And we die. I vowed to never take a ride with him again. I haven’t. Man I was terrified. We were going so fast I had to hold my hat down, with my eyes watering, and hold my breath, because the wind was stealing it from my lungs. None of the guys in the box were a fan of Abraham’s driving.

Time is moving fast. Sometimes I get the feeling I haven’t taken enough pictures, and that I haven’t trained enough, or that I’m worried I won’t be where I want to be when I get back. Then I remember I’m in Kenya; Hakunamattatta.

I ran the same hill workout I did two weeks ago, but this time around it was way easier. I’m pretty sure last time I was running a fever after, and was probably sick or something. But this time around I stuck with some guys that were well ahead of me before, and my times going up were getting faster, and the rest was shorter. All good signs. This morning we jogged 35min easy at 6am. Then at 9:15 we ran over to the hill, 25min warm up. The workout was about 47min long, then we jogged back, for a total of 100min. When I got home I showered then tried to nap, but it just turned into a deep snooze. After lunch I laid back down; I was pretty tired. We met at 5pm for a 40min easy jog. We ran a regular loop that usually takes between 40 and 45 minutes, but we shuffled it in 50. We were tired.

It’s been a good day; just like all the others.