Off the food blogs!!!

I enjoy writing my running blog, but I get easily distracted when I’ve decided I’m going to write one. I have lots of time tonight and haven’t given an update in a while. I just finished cooking for about 3 hours – made curry and lentil and squash ‘stew’ and pineapple carrot muffins, muffins still cooking- but its early. I’ve been thinking about adding a new running blog and then I find myself looking at an interesting cross section of food blogs. My old lab mate who defended her thesis on the 1st, (whoopie!!) called it a food blog loop. They are dangerous.


Back to running. This week has been fairly consistent. I was able to hold on to my workout on Monday after a rough and quite a bit too fast first of 5 miles. On Wednesday we did a neat workout, continuous 400 800s at 1:32s for the 4s and 1:42s for the 8s. I have had trouble with up and down continuous workouts in the past and ended up just running slow overall. For this one I was able to keep track of my times as I was just going on my 6 times tables for each repeat. A few times I was a little slow on the 4 but made it up exactly, clearly for the sake of the time table by the end of the 8. I got 6 repeats in, the last I slowed down a bit having a bit of trouble with my legs tightening up a bit but I found that I recovered quite quickly overall so in a few weeks I’ll hopefully be able to be even more aggressive with this one. I find I’ve been looking forward to doing a  lot of the new workouts again, so I think they are fitting for me. Hopefully it means things are falling into place.


I’m racing a 10k on the road, where I have the least experience in in comparison to cross and track racing. I’m going to make sure I try and think of it the same way as I do track races, try to plan the race, keep a close eye on my breakfast and pre race snacking as I do with track races and try and find a place inside at the race that I can chill a bit. Two things that I learned from the Half in Toronto in the fall that I’m going to try to but into action. The first will be making sure to keep my warmup similar to what I’m used to. I was kind of excited about the half, the atmosphere and a bit confused by all the coloured sections by time that I got to the start and the thoughts of strides and butt kicks and such had kind of left my mind. These are part of the routine that leaves me calm an focused right before starting. I also want to minimize running around like a chicken with my head cut off so efficiently find registration, bathroom, start line, the things I need to know. They are not as different from the things you look for before a track or cross race so they shouldn’t be scary. Doing this more gets me more used to the environment but also more used to dealing with things when they don’t go as smoothly as you would like so I’m trying to have what I want out of these things that I have relative control over in mind.


Update: carrot pineapple muffins (12 out of beautiful toaster over and wonderful small scale muffin tin) are really good! Recipe is from



Ok, bye for now!