Shift of Focus

Though I am choosing smack in the middle of the afternoon to write this one and it is due to too much writing finger cramp I’m not procrastinating studying for an exam I swear! I’m just reviewing old material but not for a class. Got everything finished for my final class, should get my final grade on my final transcript by Monday or Tuesday. It will be nice to have that part of the degree out of the way! Hoping everyone’s exams are going well!


On the training side I’m going to be shifting my focus a bit in the next little while. For the summer I’m going to key on the 10k in Boston next month and try not to worry about too much else running wise, nothing that will result in a lot of pressure to a specific event. I’ve been having trouble not getting frustrated when the little things, one workout, one little part of the plan falls out of place so I’m just looking to take some of the focus off some aspects and just try to enjoy my runs. Summer runs should be fun 🙂


Speaking of which I am getting pretty excited about the Olympics and lead up of expected fast times and competative races. Though I’m very sad that I probably won’t be able to experience the great antics of the British commentators on CBC this weekend while I try and catch some of the races in the Payton Jordan online, the races should be fast and of course it being an Olympic year sweet and brutally honest commentary is not far off. Watching track races at the Olympics is a pretty big tradition at my house. One of the first years my sister started getting a bit into track -my mum and I still can’t make her sit still for and entire 10 000 but she’ll learn- we actually managed to catch one of the best moments of the games, then unknown to us on VHS tape. I think by now the tape is lost or has been taped over, but it will always be remembered, imagine this:


El G has just won his 5k title, kissed the ground and done the mouthing of ‘2’ and peace sign that is generally what people remember of his double gold in Athens. However, in case anyone has missed any of the replays, the tape goes on for a while. We eventually get to victory lap # 2 or 3 and the media is now flocked around Guerrouj. He’s running slowly, camera men and microphone guys are running backwards ahead of him trying to get a quote or picture. All the sudden one of these poor men with the huge grey TV cameras on his shoulder topples and does a full backwards somersault in the middle of the screen. No one comments.


End of story. I love track week! Its all true.