Shit happens

This weekend was my opening race of the 2012 outdoor track season. I got to travel to Palo Alto, California with a low key group of 7 athletes in order to take part in the high profile meet called Stanford Invitational. I got to see some fast races and that was fun and exciting.

Struck by illness just a few days before the race, made my race not what I would have expected. Low energy, hot flashes, followed by chills, sore throat, congestion, and headaches seemed to have decided that they were having a party although they were clearly not invited by myself. Hours before the race I was debating if I should toe the line of what would be my first 1500m since July 2011.  Myself having a highly competitive nature, I decided that I would run and see what I could do and what would happen. I started my warm-up sweaty like a fat man that hasn’t exercise in decades, which was not a good sign from the start. Toward the end of the warm-up I started feeling somewhat better, but far from ideal. I removed my track suit and a chills run up all over my body. We walk onto the track, get a couple of strides in. The time has come; it’s time to race and I really don’t feel it. I decided to just tuck in the middle and let myself get pulled along. That seemed a good idea at the time until we split 64 for the first 400m, and then 2:07 for 800m. I was not having a hard time with the pace obviously, but my legs wouldn’t change into the next gear. With 400m to go I moved up toward the front, got cut and loss all my momentum and after that for a reason I ignore jogged the last 300m, without kicking whatsoever. I very average 3:53;19 would be my time, at that point I did not even care about the time or the race, I was sick and the race was super slow. What to do about it…Enjoy the California sun for the rest of the trip and that is what I did, while watching some fast races. So overall apart from my crappy race, the trip was good.

I am still a little under the weather, but hopefully I will be back to 100% in a few days and will be ready to race on Saturday and this time for real.