Spoiled Sunday

So I’ve come to a conclusion. The best this about Sunday runs used to the the Sunday long run aspect. Not necessarily the long long long run, but the fact that since it was the longest run of the week generally people are up for meeting up and letting the time pass quicker by chatting and such on a nice run. So I was spoiled by the Sunday run, so what. Schedule has been modified a little lately and there hasn’t been a Sunday long run on schedule for quite a while. Albeit, my Sunday runs haven’t been my longest lately but when I get onto some more long runs I hope the Sunday long run returns. I was doing my long run on Saturday for a few weeks in a row a while back, but that was screwing a little bit with my internal clock/sense of self. Saturday just wasn’t the same!!

So, lately I’ve been getting up on Sunday and really wanting to make pancakes or something but have been getting out on the run instead. Went for 30:16 this morning. Yesterday went pretty well after I got over the slipperyness. It wasn’t as bad on the Summit as it was say going up over the hill past the McGill gym. Being late was kind of a dissapointement, but hills aren’t my strength so I feel like sometimes on a tough day (weather) its also kind of good for me to have to tough them out on my own. Who knows.


All for now, going to get some sleep and back to studying in the morning. 1 exam until I never have to take classes again!! Yeah!