Starting a New Chapter

So after a few months into the cross-country season I decided to stop writing my blog. Why you ask, mainly because I was not pleased with how my season was going and I wanted to stop thinking about it, was hoping that might  turn things around for the later end of the season. Unfortunately it was not the case, I had a very disappointing cross-country season, but what can you do about it, it’s part of the sport there will always be some high’s and low’s. The most important part that I took away from this cross-country season was that you can be fitter than ever before and still not run well. At least I still have that fitness that will carry over to track. So like I always like to say “Track is back” and I’m excited about the coming season and year. I have some interesting goals that I’m going to try to tackle this summer.

I am just finishing up my biggest mileage buildup ever. I was lucky enought to go down to Miami for two and half week and get in a good amount of running in warm and sunny weather, on some beaches at sea level, compared to running in Moscow at 2500 feet, snow and cold. I am now in my last week of a 6 week buildup and I’m feeling great and strong. I started to incorporate weights in my program also, this is huge for me since I hate doing weights and have been postponing including weights in my program for a fair number of years, let’s hope that I get to see them have an impact on my training and times. I already feel a lot stronger after 5 weeks of doing them. Yesterday I did my first track workout since June 20X200m, nothing to crazy but coming out of cross-country and a 6 week buildup of just lots of running those 30 second 200 were not as easy has when I would have done them in June. They left my legs achy and my body tired from the drastic change of very long runs to fast 200’s. Still felt good to be back on the track and feeling the pain that for some reason all distance runner strive for. Anyway, some more exciting news is that I finally graduated and got my Masters degree in exercise physiology from the University of Idaho. It feels good to be done with school; however it’s also a little scary since now that I’m done with school I’m supposed to start working, start a family and all the other things normal people do when there done with school. Hmm, I don’t know if I want  to do that just yet, I would like to see were this running thing will take me for a few years, before starting the real life adult thing. So I got a pretty neat opportunity here in Moscow. I will be able to stay here for at least one more year, being an assistant coach for the cross-county/track team. This is probably the best thing I could get right now being a sub elite distance runner. It would be really hard for me to get a professional running contract with my credential right now, so with this job at the University of Idaho, I get the Nike gear, get to travel with the team and I also get paid to coach and train can’t really get any better than that for me right now.

So now that I graduated and that I can put more time in running for the next couple months, I’m excited for this next chapter of my life and where it will take me. I will open my season Friday February 1st at the Vandal indoor were I’ll run the mile just to get things rolling, before my real test of the season the 3000m at the Husky Classic and I’ll be looking for a fast one over there at the Dempsey in Seattle.

– The Colleplainer –