Sundodger and looking forward to the future

Two weeks ago I travelled to Seattle with the Idaho Cross-country team to take part in the Sundodger invitational. I always like traveling with the team; we always have a good time. The driving part is a bit long at times, but when in good company it does go by a bit faster with all the jokes and laughs. UnfortunaIy I would have liked to have that Idaho singlet in order to help my teammates get a good team score, but I’m currently out of eligibility. Me and Coach Phipps are trying to get me some eligibility before the end of cross-country so I can help the team out at conference and regional, but who knows if that will ever happen, we sure hope so. Sundodger opened up my cross-country season and it was not a super great race for me. I ran 12 seconds slower than last year on the same course, but I am actually way fitter and stronger this year weird eh? This could have been attributed to multiple factors a super big mileage week the week before the race; legs may have been tired from my biggest ever training bloc.  Also it was my first race in awhile, so maybe I just need to get back into racing mode after a couple months of only training. I still posted a descent time of 24:32, but that is not really representative of my fitness level at the moment. The first 5km of the 8k race was actually really good, but the last 3k were horrible, I had  no fight in me and didn’t seem to care if people past me, this needs to change and quickly. I need to find that Cross-country spirit and grind that I had last year in some of my best races. I have a problem of giving up mentally in cross races and that need to change real fast, so I’m working on staying focus and not giving up when it hurts, cause I know that there is still more in me even if it doesn’t feel good.

This weekend me and the team will be traveling to Eugene, Oregon for the Dellinger Invitational. Last year that race was my best race, so I’m hoping to improve my 8km PB of 24:06 from last year and dip under that 24 mark, if there is a race to run fast it’s the Dellinger invite, fast course and good teams/athletes will be at the rendez-vous for an epic showdown. This time after having already a race under my belt, I should have that fire growing inside me and will hopefully be ready to really race on Saturday compared to last time. It’s still early in the season so I’m not super worried, but it’s always nice to get in some good fast races in before the real season starts. I’m also excited to get to see fellow friend and Québécoise Annie Leblanc who is now at Oregon and watch her race her first NCAA XC race ever.


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