Switching the Focus

It as been a while since my last entry. Lots as happen since I last blogged, I’ll try to do my best to recap everything, but to be honest I don’t even remember the last time I blogged. ok it was right after the WAC Championships, so about a month ago. After WAC the focus was the first round of NCAA in Austin Texas, at the University of Texas. It’s a really nice place and campus. It was awesome going back to Texas, haven’t gone there since I lived there when I was 12 years old.  However, was it hot and humid not ideal conditions to race in especially not a 5000m. The goal was to qualify for the NCAA final in Des Moines, Iowa. Not an easy task, the guys down there are no jokers, there were some fast dudes. I was in the second heat, the first one was super slow so that was good. The top 5 of each heat and top 2 fastest time qualified. I was able to stay in the mix for about 3600m. I was able to handle the first move going from 70’s to 67’s but was not able after that to handle the secon one of 67’s to 64’s. I finished 13th in my heat and 23rd overall. I was happy with the race and how I competed, I was ranked 32nd going in and finished 23rd out of 48 so in the top half not bad at all. The time was not quick but still a good effort and I was pleased with how I got in there and tried my best, all I could ask for in a championship type race.

After my NCAA season over, I decided to switch the focus onto the 1500m. I love racing the 1500, probably my favorite race I know that it’s for sure not the race for me to make major teams and qualify cause I don’t have the pure speed of the good 1500m runners, however I love the race so much that I feel I have to run it at least a couple times a year. Also after doing 5k work all year long, I love switching it up and doing fast shorter stuff so much fun. The goal was to get in two weeks of good 1500m work and go up to Canada and run the NTL meets in Vancouver and Victoria. Here we are now June 12th. I raced the Harry Jerome meet yesterday and it was just plain awesome such a good race. I’m happy with most of the race it was not a perfect race and far from it but a new PB 3:45;51 is encouraging. I ran conservative and moved up well, but when I was done I had way too much energy left. It’s a good sign since I will be racing against the big boys on Wednesday in the Victoria International classic in the fast section. That will force me to get out hard and run fast from the gun something that I have a hard time doing most of the time. I’m really excited to be in the NTL section with 13 guys that have run 3:43 or better this year and 7 guys who have PB’s under 3:40. I believe there is another 2-3 seconds that I’m able to go get in this race. I feel good, confident and strong after Sunday’s race and I’m looking forward for a fast race to push me to new heights.

I’m excited that I’m running so well in the 1500m after only two weeks of real 1500m work, just shows you how strength and base work can help you run fast shorter distances. Once I’m done in Victoria it will be back to training and will keep doing another week or so of 1500m in order to get even better and get ready for a fast 1500m in Calgary. The goal over there is to make the final and once in there just try to run fast and place well.