Tests & Tangents

You heard me say it, it’s all about trust.

This past Wednesday I ran a 3000m test at Claude Robillard during the Crepuscule Aram put on by my old host club: Fleur de Lys. Got to give a shout out to the officials and Pap for putting on a good show, the meet rolled along pretty smoothly like.

Leading up to it all I’ve been doing is base work. Tempos at half marathon pace, steady state runs at slightly faster than marathon pace, hill/strength work, and strides. Going into the test I knew that I was fit enough to run 8:20. But, with no specific work I figured I could run anywhere between 8:20 and 8:40, because I wasn’t sure how my body was going to react to the hard effort, the track and a pace that I hadn’t really felt out yet. It went awesome!

Off the gun I threw down a 31s opener, to get out and away from everyone, and because I felt smooth and excited. I knew 31s was sorta outa range for the entire race though, so I calmed down a bit. Thats pretty much all I remember from the race. From then on it was laps, confusion over how many I had left because the officials were overwhelmed with all the lapping going on, and that good’ol’pain. I split through 1500m in 4:10!!! Haha, this I think is wild, considering my 1500m pb is 3:58 from this past summer.  Since the vid/pics haven’t come out yet, a young talented artist/runner took the liberty of offering her own rendition of what went down.

Painting cred: Becky Pieterson

Caption: The runners lined up for an indoor 3k. What they didn’t know was that the officials had turned the rules of the race into super mario kart to spice things up. After picking up mystery item boxes yours truly starts lobbing off banana peels while in first! But oh no! I got hit by a blue shell. I had a lot of ground to make up, it was tight, but nipped the win thanks to my crafty banana peels. We all ran without any pants.

I’m pumped about the test, and the effort, and the result. I came within 3s of my 3000m pb on a solo effort with lots of lapping, which pushed me out into the second lane alot. I did it off of base work, nothing specific. This all bodes really well for the direction my fitness is headed this summer.

My next race is likely going to be a 5000m in Boston, I’m looking forward to it. Steven McG said it right the other day, all this training is sort of giving me blue-balls like syndrome, where I gotta release every once inawhile, to stay on top of things. Blue balls are bad. Now that is a tangent.

Back on track. This coming week I’m starting to do doubles again. I haven’t done doubles since late fall. My mileage is going to go up slightly, but not by much. Little jaunt in the morning, little jaunt in the evening, repeat.

The result from the 3k has really got me thinking about my goals for the summer. All of a sudden the goals that I set for myself, the really crazy ones, seem that much closer. My path has been reinforced by my training, the feedback I’m getting from that test, friends, and John. John is the man with the plan. All I do is what he tells me to do. Its easy and it works! Sounds like a sweet commercial for a killer ab workout. Here’s something I may just have to ad into my regimen. Shawny T looks like a man with a plan, just use tilt, tuck and tighten. John’s my Shawny T. No, I take that back. No one comes close to John. Shawny T tries, but fails. Another surprising tangent.

It doesn’t look like my blog today is really going many places. I have to go for a run. I’ve been trying to expound some quality into this entry. But there hasn’t been much expounding. So I’m just gonna go for a run. Fail safe, those them runs are.