Time to get into race mode… Racing season has arrived

Time for another blog, time to get make fun of again, cause I don’t know how to write. The worst is that I don’t even do it on purpose and I actually try to write the best I can and no do so many mistakes, but I guess writing is not for me, just like running or math is not for others. I know it’s sad, I would write in French, but I’m not any better at writing in French than in English.

So let’s talk running a bit we can make fun of my writing later. I’m super excited I will be opening my outdoor season on Friday at the Stanford Invite. This is a stacked race, it going to be legendary. So I’m registered in the 1500m with 67e seed time and in the 5000m with the 107 seed, wow 107 I have never seen my name so far down a list that is ridiculous. So I had talked about running the 3000m steeple at that meet a couple weeks ago, but look like it’s a no go for this weekend, so I will be running only the 1500m. I’m really looking forward to that race, I haven’t raced a 1500m since July 2011, and to be honest I have not focused my training at all on the 1500, but more on the 5000m.

I actually did my first 1500m workout of the season and my 2nd of the year. It felt super good to toe the line with the 800m group and not having to worry about running 4-5 laps of the track for one interval. I’m really happy about the workout probably one of my best 1500m workout ever I feel confident for Friday now. The workout was 3 X 600m getting faster for each one, then 2 X 300m and then 4 X 200m getting faster for each. The first 600m was really smooth 1:35 really relax lead the group the entire time, the second one was way faster, the 800m guys got excited, maybe a bit too much 26 for that first 200 oups awww guys with wheels getting excited to early so I knew we were way too fast from the start so I just tucked in behind the two guys and at about 350 when those guys were starting to hurt I went to the lead and closed that last 250m for a 1:27 on the second. The third one had to be faster so off we went and again the 800 guys not learning their lesson going through the first 200m in 24….REALLY 24 come on!!!! Reach 400m 55 wow and off I went killing them as they were dying in that last 200 for my official 600m PB 1:23… not too bad for a 5000m running and only doing long stuff all year. Now the guys are done for they are lying on the track like they just finished the 1500m of a decathlon. But we still have 2 X 300m and 4 X 200 to do. First 300m my turn to get excited and blast way up front a 40,5, I would pay a bit on the second one, but still running 41,5 so not so bad. Then the 200 just felt super smooth going 31, 29, 27, 25. Workout is over and I just feel like a champ and my excitement level for Friday skyrockets.

After this awesome workout on the track I feel really good and I’m ready to run that PB that I was so looking for last summer, but would just not come. I’m ready to open up with a fast time and shatter that way too old 1500m PB 3:47;06 done on July 3rd 2010.

Time to get into race mode and relax for the rest of week, I’m fit, I’m quick and it’s time to roll on Friday. I couldn’t ask for a better race to do it at. California BABY!!!!!