Train Deliberate.

So this week, building on what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks, is all about making deliberate decisions. I have the tendency to let things happen, just go with the flow. But sometimes, not necessarily all the time, but sometimes you need to do things on purpose. I’ll give you an example.

One night after practice, not a particularly hard run, I went down to Jmk’s place to have supper with the Mexican Family. I think we had chicken, I was pretty hungry. After supper we hung out then I felt like watching a movie. Jmk and I love the movie ‘I Love you Man’, and like putting time aside monthly to watch it, well probably me more than him, but that’s besides the point. Anyways, we get to watching the movie, and before I know it, its 12:30. Past midnight, well past my bedtime. I was tired, but also annoyed about not getting to finish the movie. I made my way home after I noticed Jmk had pretty much passed out snuggling with his snoopy.

On the way home I realised something though, and have been getting back on track since. I was letting things get in the way. I was no longer letting myself slip every now and then to relax, I was doing it ALL the time. Every night I’d find a movie to watch or a place to be untill the wee hours of the morning, then sleep in and feel ‘off’ all day. Part of it is because of the resto job, part of it from being sick, the bed bugs early in the semester, having to move, etc…. but mostly because I just let it happen.

I’ve been good lately. Since the end of November I’ve been making deliberate decisions. Training is on the brain, so I make sure that I’m getting my rest. School work is on the brain, and I’m trying to figure out how to get it all done, this semester as well as the bigger picture-my degree. Then there’s the bills, cleaning, cooking and anything else you can think of that is just part of getting things done.

Listen to this. 

I’ve had another solid week:

Monday Longrun: 4miles steady state @5:30 90min total w/weights

Tuesday: 90min w/strides

Wednesday: 90min w/10x100mfast/100m jog w/weights

Thursday: off

Friday: 90min w/strides

Saturday: 90min including the hill circuit

Sunday: 90min w/strides

You might wonder where my long run is. I was scratching my head too for a second. Its on Mondays, but we’ve been taking our time raising the killage, I still sort of treat the long run as my last run of the week, even thought now its on Mondays, and is more of the first run of the week, technically. But that’s just how my brain has worked. I used to think of it as sort of a reset button on my week. Getting in the long run was a way of wiping the slate clean in my head and looking forward to what’s next, I can still do that with the way we’ve organized my training, but I’ve found I don’t need to as badly, reset that is. I have more time between workouts now.

Saturdays knock me on my ass. They’re basically completely strength oriented so I get warn down pretty quick. By the end of this past Saturday’s workout I was seeing stars. But I’m recovering really well. I don’t have a long run to worry about the day after, and I get to do my ‘reset’ on the Monday, a day after a solid workout, where I feel fresh, and I get a chance to roll out some continuous miles: what I’m strong at.

Its part of the game to attack the things that you are weak at, I’d also say its a part of life, but its also important to fall back and enjoy the things (or relish) in what you are strong at. With running its a delicate balance. You don’t want to get all caught up in one or the other and timing in attacking either one with respect to races is key, but we get it done. This is what the build is all about, this is why I’m training to train. Sometimes I dread the strength stuff. Usually when I get to indoor track to fast 200’s, I’ll get very real headaches, won’t be able to stand. I wouldn’t know the scientific reason for it. But I know its coming every time, its inevitability.

I suppose that’s what its all about really, the inevitability that some days will hurt, some days are going to feel amazing and some days I won’t even notice I ran. The constant : The run.

Have you heard, we’re an Official Club Now. Montreal Endurance, the Train. A seat for everyone, rolling forward, unstoppable, unless Denzel Washington gets into another train and uses his Hollywood experience to slow down and stop this metaphorical train. That won’t happen though, our train is made up of people, and these people aren’t bent on destroying a town, only their PB’s. Our conductor is John Lofranco. He plays with his levers and shovels the coal, and you can count on him to make all the stops for every single one of us. Along with the other essential engineers and young as well as veteran conductors of the Train: Kyla, Malcolm, Sarah and Steve, we plan on world domination, really. If I haven’t invited you yet personally, consider this an invitation to come for a run with us.  Come run with us. If I’m sounding a little brain-washy its because my technique is a little off and you are aware of what’s happening. My bad.

So, to quickly get back to getting things done before I sum this entire post up into an eloquent phrase or two, being deliberate. I’m there, and am no longer letting things ‘just’ happen. When I stay up late, I’m doing so on purpose, and I have a reason for it. And I plan to recover from it. Its a big deal, being deliberate, I don’t think I’ve really explained it the way I would have liked, but there’s a strong message in there somewhere, that sounds more like an adult, rather than a kid repeating the word ‘deliberate’.

Thanks for reading guys and gals, its awesome to hear that people are reading the blog, and every once in awhile I hear someone gets something out of it. I never know what it is that they get, if I knew I’d put more of that in it.

PS IMPORTANT- Pancake b-fast post saturday (17th) morning workout at my place in Westmount for those at the workout. Ya, thats right, I’m using pancakes as bait. Plan for it. You get extra pancakes/bacon/turkey bacon if you wear a crazy winter hat. Tempting, I know. Inquire for more information in the comments section.