“Wait a minute we have to win this”

So a lot has happened since my last blog on February 15th. Let’s start with some races I have. Last weekend of February was the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) down in Boise, Idaho. I was schedule to race three races in two days, something I have never done. I raced the anchor leg of the DMR on Friday night and what a race it was, there were only three teams, but it was still really exciting. I received the baton in first place… I am really bad in relays probably because I don’t have any real experience with them. So I received the baton, it was a terrible exchange; I clipped my teammate and almost fell at the start. I manage to stay on my feet and started rolling, I do not know what pace I’m going and don’t know where second place are. I’m really running blind, so apparently I went through 400 in 59, 600 in 1:30 and 800 in 2:01, then it started to hurt; I slowed down pretty bad after 800m. So with 100m to go in the DMR second place comes up on my shoulder and I just looked at him and let him go by and then said to myself “what I’m I doing we have to win this” and took off. The raced finished with both of us diving at the finish line and with some kind of miracle, I manage to edge him and get the win for my team. What a race it was, really exciting for me and my teammates.

So after that race I couldn’t even walk my Achilles and calf were destroyed. If it was up to me I would not have ran the races I was supposed to run the next day. However, my team needed my points in order to win the team title. I warm up with pain which is never a good sign when you are warming up for a race. I was scheduled to run the Mile I was actually ranked 2nd and I knew I could win the race, but I was worried about my Achilles/calf which probably affected me psychologically. The race started and with the few first steps, it was just pure pain shooting up my leg. The race was really slow, so with 800m to go I took the lead and tried to push the pace, but without really any success, with 200m to go two guys pass me and started kicking. I could not respond with my Achilles hurting so badly so I came in 4th. I went to see my coach and he told me that I had to run the 3000m in 1h30. We need the points real bad, so I ran the 3000m managed to finish 6th and get some points for the team. So in the end my points were crucial because we actually won the WAC championship by only 5 points. What an awesome feeling it was to win the team championship, also that it was the first ever WAC championship by any male team in school history.

So we get back to Moscow and I can’t even walk normally. I took Sunday off, then cross-trained Monday and Tuesday. I really wanted to race the upcoming Saturday the 3k in Seattle. I managed to run some 400’s on Wednesday with discomfort. Wednesday was the only running I did that week. My calf was getting better with each day, so I decided to give the 3k a shot and it would be my last race of the season anyway. After that race I would have time to heal properly. The goal was to break 8 minutes, I came close but did not get, manage to run 8:05 feeling really relaxed the entire race. Also that was my school record; I am now officially the University of Idaho 3000m indoor record holder for the next year at least until Barry tries to destroy. Now that indoor is over its back to base and good workouts before outdoor, I’m really excited for the outdoor season. I have high expectation for this outdoor season, I feel super fit and I just need to stay healthy and everything else will take care of its self.


It is March break here in Moscow and the town is death everybody as left for home or down south to party. I am one of the lucky one who gets to stay here in Moscow. I don’t know what I’m going to do all week, maybe get ahead on school work, which would be a good idea but don’t think it’s going to happen. I’m so lazy I don’t work until I really need to do it.  I will definitely get some good runs in. However, it is supposed to rain all week, which sucks I hate running in the rain, its cold and you are all wet and heavy it’s not fun. I would rather run in anything before I run in the rain give me -20 weather and snow and I’ll take that before 5 degree and rain.

That is about it for right now, take care and good job too everybody racing CIS. I’m watching you guys.