Short today, but just a confirmation. I have recently entered a new phase of winter. This is how it goes.  I run in the morning a lot, so I get up and check the weather. Then I put on all my running clothes and my really warm mitts that I got for Christmas. Then I top it off with the fleece headband that my friend’s mum gave me in an Easter basket in university (part 1) because the Easter bunny was coming to her little sister. I finally get out the door for a run and am overheated for a couple minutes but am generally not too worried about it as its a lot better than being really really really cold. Come back, shower hang up clothes, repeat the next morning. Sometime in there my hands stop looking like those of a corps. No one believes me that they’re not usually cold during the run, sweating a little usually but they don’t like the after part.


I’m technically  not wearing all the running clothes, but its getting pretty close. This morning after my run I was thinking that I had been kind of hot even on my warm up, it didn’t bother me through the rest of the run but it just seemed a little peculiar. Then I realized I had worn my 3 warmest long sleeve running shirts, plus another not as good long sleeve and a jacket. Makes sense. Moral of the story is, I just want winter to be over so I I don’t have to do more than throw on a pair of shorts and a shirt!! Glad to be racing indoors this weekend, and glad that winter’s just about over!!




PS Picture is New Years Eve at home a couple years ago. My mum thought it was hilarious. Thanks mum!