XC season… The grind

Hey boys and gals… I’m back in the blogging world let see how long it takes me to leave again hopefully it won’t happen anytime soon. So the Track season as been over for a certain period of time. A quick recap of my track season, it was a solid season for me all around, probably my best season ever with some big breakthroughs. I’m hoping to keep the ball rolling over to cross-country were over the year I have had a bit of difficulties compare to my performance on the track. However, I have not given up on the mud and hills, they may not be my best friends but over the past couple year, we have started to get along more and more.

So during track 2012 I managed to drop 15 seconds on my 3000m time to have an 8:05.3 to my credential, drop 10 seconds to my 5000m to get a 14:05.0, drop 2 seconds on my 1500m for a 3:45.5. I even tried to make a comeback on the steeple and realized it was not for me, I just can figure out the water jump but still drop 6 seconds from my PB for a 9:20. I also dropped a 30:57 10 000m on the track after 2 weeks off running just for fun. Overall a very fructuous year for Mr. Colle.

Now it’s cross-country season and the first meet is this Saturday in Seattle. The Sun dodger meet was a very fun race, last year I ran 24:18, looking forward to run close to that 24 barrier and maybe under if the conditions and I feel good on the day. I feel relative good, training as been going well, doing lots of long stuff and tempo’s those tempo hurt but do they get you in shape fast. For the first time I started my XC buildup mid-July which is a month earlier than I normally would.

Back in Idaho for another year and compared that last year at this time of year, I feel fitter, stronger and faster. Doing more millage and faster workouts just leaves wanting more. Also training with Barry Britt an XC machine and trying to keep up with him and watch him kick my ass in workouts just motivates me even more to catch up to him before Senior Nationals gets here. Barry is so fit and he is running faster than ever redshirting the outdoor track season and just doing lots of millage all summer long as made him scary fit at the moment he is just toying with me in works before he leaves me in his dust for the last repetition. Idaho also got some pretty solid new recruits this year and that it’s nice to see some the younger guys trying to mix it up with me and Barry it is no longer a two man show and keeps you on your toes which is always good.

Stays tune in for some feedback of my race this weekend and more updates on my training over the cross-country season. I look forward to hopefully seen a few familiar faces in Vancouver in November for the final show down and a place and that world cross team which this I will actually be trying to make


Steph the colleplainer