Results/Résultats: Compétition ARAM

Centre Claude Robillard hosted a mini-meet Wednesday night. There was an 800m, followed by a 3000m. Some did one, some did both, some did an 800m and a 200m. Here’s some pre-race comments:

Les femmes en premier:

Kelly Hewitt 2:27.69
Brenna Walsh 2:28.72
Arianne Bouchard 2:29.33
Mirka Castonguay-Cusson 2:32.38
Kim Masson-Cunningham 2:32.85
Stéphanie Giroux 2:38.20
Lucianna Dykstra 2:41.24
(partial results…all I could read from the photo I took of the hand-written results on the wall)

Then the men:

Results of the fast section:
Stephane Colle 1:58.29
Steven McElligott 1:58.62
Ryan Noel-Hodge 1:59.37
Jameel Greenidge 2:01.98
Didier Morelli 2:02.20
Charles-Edouard Litwin 2:02.55
Sofiane Guend 2:03.04
Maxime Desautels 2:03.72
Sebastien Monette 2:04.67
Nicolas Morin 2:05.61
Xavier Bertrand 2:05.61

Clifford Reid 2:17.46
Jean Marc Laforest 2:24.14

Post-race commentary:

3k (mixed)

McElligott 9:03
Monette 9:10
Amélie Kretz 10:50 (estimated)
Alizée Brien 11:05 (estimated)