Great day for McGill Olympic at the FQA XC Championships

The MOC had a very successful weekend at the FQA cross-country championships in Sherbrooke. Our club reached the podium in three of the four races where we fielded a full team, and had a number of excellent individual performances. All in all, MOC had 36 runners, ranging in age from 15 years old up to 55. We were represented by athletes running for 5 different schools as well: McGill (of course), Concordia, UQTR, Champlain St. Lambert and Marianopolis. This weekend was a great example of the direction in which our club is headed: open to all, cradle to grave, high performance and healthy for life!

On the team front, the masters men, lead by coach John Lofranco’s 2nd place finish, took the title ahead of the group from Sherbrooke. Lofranco covered the 6k course in 22:02. Anthony Franchini and Les Landsberger were 5th and 7th respectively to score for McGill.

The senior women also raced 6k, and McGill varsity’s Alison Barwick was the top scorer, as she finished 3rd in 23:20. Barwick was joined in the top 10 by Melaine Myrand, Elizabeth Mokrusa and Valerie Sicard. The ladies were the 2nd place team, and had the second most runners participating out of any club in Quebec.

The senior men’s team also had the second most number of runners participating in their category and managed 3rd place overall, led by Ryan Noel-Hodge’s 33:35 run over a rolling 10k course. The 14th place finish was disappointing for Noel-Hodge, who travelled from London, Ontario on Friday to challenge for a spot on the team that would represent Quebec at the national championships in Vancouver at the end of November. Noel-Hodge will turn his focus to the indoor track, where he will make his CIS debut for the Western Mustangs this winter. The men were helped out by varsity runners Alex Ray of McGill and Guillaume Ouellet, who ran for UQTR. Jacques-Sylvain Lecointre also scored.

Nassim Ennaboaoui was 10th in his first provincial junior men’s cross country championship, and he helped the McGill Olympic junior boys score 6th place in the 8k contest. Nassim’s run of 28:27 was his best 8k of the season, as he started conservatively, and moved up through the pack and into the top 10. He was also instrumental in helping Champlain College take second place in the college team race, and will represent his school at the national championships in Toronto in two weeks. Sterling Shaner, Carlos Guerra and Lawrence Ledoux-Hutchinson scored for McGill.

Virginie Bleau was 7th in 21:29.8 over 5k for junior women, while Declan McCool was 23rd for juvenile boys, and Lauren Pugsley was 18th in the Midget girls division. Congrats to the McGill Martlets, who won the RSEQ university title for the 4th year in a row and the 24th time in 26 years. The Redmen had their best race of the year and managed to come within 2 points of 2nd place. Good running all around!


McGill Olympic results below. Full results available at the FQA site

Masters Men: 6k
1st place team
2 262 Lofranco, John 1977 Mcgill Olympic 22:02.4
5 245 Franchini, Anthony 1975 Mcgill Olympic 24:27.4
7 260 Landsberger, Les 1958 Mcgill Olympic 25:01.0
8 272 Taylor, Gavin 1968 Mcgill Olympic 26:00.0
9 271 Monaco, Benny 1977 Mcgill Olympic 26:52.9
12 261 Kozma, Mark 1968 Mcgill Olympic 30:44.4

Senior men: 10k
3rd place team (second most runners participating)
14 250 Noel-Hodge, Ryan 1989 Mcgill Olympic 33:35.1
27 247 Lecointre, Jacques-Sylvain 1983 Mcgill Olympic 35:01.7
30 969 Ray, Alexander 1990 Mcgill Olympic 35:21.5
31 278 Ouellet, Guillaume 1986 Mcgill Olympic 35:26.7
33 2441 Babineau, Olivier 1987 Mcgill Olympic 35:34.6
35 977 Abramson, Michael 1992 Mcgill Olympic 35:44.2
45 256 Jarry, Francois 1993 Mcgill Olympic 37:07.9
53 270 Neron, Alex 1984 Mcgill Olympic 37:56.8
54 248 Liu, Liu 1988 Mcgill Olympic 38:09.9
55 255 Paquet, Michael 1986 Mcgill Olympic 38:19.4
70 368 Kazi, Mahbubuzzaman 1991 Mcgill Olympic 40:22.1
72 269 Shiri, Adam 1993 Mcgill Olympic 41:58.3
76 273 Fayer, Shawn 1989 Mcgill Olympic 42:45.1

Senior women: 6k
2nd place team (second most runners participating)
3 982 Barwick, Alison 1993 Mcgill Olympic 23:20.9
6 249 Myrand, Melanie 1985 Mcgill Olympic 23:52.6
11 356 Sicard, Valerie 1992 U. Concordia 23:53.1 (missing from club results)
7 355 Mokrusa, Elizabeth 1980 Mcgill Olympic 23:57.6
17 253 Walsh, Brenna 1987 Mcgill Olympic 25:15.8
21 246 Kowanda, Michelle 1987 Mcgill Olympic 25:43.3
26 263 Pinsonnault-Bilodeau, Gina 1988 Mcgill Olympic 26:14.2
32 2445 Vienneau, Naomi 1994 Independant 28:43.1 (registered as independent)
33 357 Rochette, Chloe 1990 Mcgill Olympic 28:49.2
38 264 Howarth, Jessica 1984 Mcgill Olympic 32:17.0

Junior men: 8k
6th place team (missing some key guys: Coopers, Slapcoff)
10 869 Ennabaoui, Nassim 1996 Mcgill Olympic 28:27.6
27 258 Shaner, Sterling 1994 Mcgill Olympic 32:08.8
29 265 Guerra, Carlos 1994 Mcgill Olympic 33:34.3
34 266 Ledoux-Hutchinson, Lawrence 1994 Mcgill Olympic 35:36.0

Junior women: 6k
7 252 Bleau, Virginie 1995 Mcgill Olympic 21:29.8

Juvenile men: 6k
23 268 Mccool, Declan 1996 Mcgill Olympic 24:56.1

Cadet women: 3k
18 275 Pugsley, Lauren 1998 Mcgill Olympic 12:56.3