Montreal Endurance has five indoor provincial gold medalists!

Here’s the recap from Quebec City. Full results here.

It was a very successful Quebec Indoor track and field championships for our club this weekend in Quebec City. We sent a small crew of twelve runners down, and five came back provincial champions, and two were silver medalists. The rest gained valuable experience and proved their training to be true, gaining confidence for the upcoming outdoor season.

On Friday night, Dominique Roy ran her first race of 2012, and won in convincing fashion, running away from the senior women’s 1500m field. Ryan Noel-Hodge did the same on the men’s side, despite nursing a sore foot, and picked up his second provincial indoor title (he won the 3k in 2011).

On Saturday, Dom was back to anchor the women’s 4x400m relay team to a two second victory over the host Rouge et Or team. Kelly Hewitt (5th in the 800m at last summer’s outdoor provincial championships) lead off in a solid 64sec. She handed off in second place to Molly Howes, who wasted no time taking the lead, and putting Montreal Endurance in front for good. She passed to Mona Beatrix, who had her best run of the weekend, holding the lead for Dominique Roy, who brought the baton home quickly enough to best the time of the Rouge et Or girls who had run in the previous heat. All this on mileage and steady state runs: imagine what they will be able to do when speed-endurance training is added to the mix!

It was also a good weekend for experience. Val Sicard-Thibodeau ran her first 600m race, and went out hard, passing 400m in 68sec, but finishing in 1:49. The experience of the third lap would serve her well in the 1000m on Saturday night, as she timed her kick much better, and finished in a solid 3:19.

Mona and Molly both ran the 1500m Friday night, and, unfamiliar with the distance, left their kicks a little too late. In the 1000m on Saturday, Mona would be a bit more aggressive, but it was a too early a move, as she faded back to the pack again. Molly had a steady race, finding the sweet spot between her 600m two weeks ago at McGill, and the 1500m Friday night.

Brenna Walsh and Elizabeth Mokrusa came down Saturday for the 3000m, and found themselves in quite a competitive field. While the eventual winner from Rouge et Or would start strong and fade, Brenna, Liz and two other runners formed a pack in search of thhe silver medal. After many lead changes, and some pushing and shoving on the part of the runner from Club Phénix, Brenna pulled away on the final lap to take second place. Liz seemed destined for 5th place, but she unleashed an uncharacteristically ferocious kick in the final straightaway and in a blanket finish was called for 4th, .19 seconds behind the truculent competitor from Phénix.

On the men’s side, Mahbubuzzaman Kazi had a disappointing 1500m race on Friday, but he bounced back on Saturday in the 3k. His halfway split in the 3000m was only 2seconds slower than his final time Friday, which showed it was clearly an aberration. He’s a pure distance runner and his times are going to be much better in the outdoor season when he gets to run 5ks and 10ks.

Triathlete and internet sensation Alexandre St. Jalm tried his hand at the 3k, and fared reasonably well in a time of 10:21.98. Andre Funke brought the club our second silver medal, with his 3k performance in the masters category.

All in all it was a very good first provincial championship for Montreal Endurance, and all signs point to a successful outdoor season to come.

7 Sicard-Thibodeau, Valéri 92 Montreal Endurance 1:49.62

7 Sicard-Thibodeau, Valéri 92 Montreal Endurance 3:19.08
8 Howes, Molly 90 Montreal Endurance 3:23.54
9 Beatrix, Mona 87 Montreal Endurance 3:24.69

1 Roy, Dominique 88 Montreal Endurance 4:50.40
7 Beatrix, Mona 87 Montreal Endurance 5:18.36
8 Howes, Molly 90 Montreal Endurance 5:27.76

2 Walsh, Brenna 87 Montreal Endurance 10:56.98
4 Mokrusa, Elizabeth 80 Montreal Endurance 10:58.25

1 Montreal Endurance ‘A’ 4:23.37
1) Hewitt, Kelly 89 2) Howes, Molly 90
3) Beatrix, Mona 87 4) Roy, Dominique 88

1 Noel-Hodge, Ryan 89 Montreal Endurance 4:07.11
7 Kazi, Mahbubuzzaman 91 Montreal Endurance 4:55.09

7 Kazi, Mahbubuzzaman 91 Montreal Endurance 10:11.81
3 St. Jalm, Alexandre 78 Montreal Endurance 10:21.98
2 Funke, André 66 Montreal Endurance 11:18.53