On est là! Results from Crépuscule ARAM

Montréal Endurance took our first steps on the track tonight at the Crépuscule ARAM, hosted by our friends at Fleur-de-Lys. Here’s a quick run-down. Videos here!
Official results!

Women’s 800m
Kelly Hewitt 2:29
Jackie Peters 2:35
Valérie Sicard-Thibodeau 2:37
Heat 2: Krista Pratte 2:58

While not a PB for Kelly, she did open in 66, which bodes well for when she starts doing some speed/endurance work. She should be able to come back to and surpass her 2:16 form of last summer.

Jackie, Val and Krista were taking their first cracks at the track, and at the 800m. I think the most common comment was that their arms were sore.

Men’s 3000m
Ryan Noel-Hodge 8:32
Steve McElligott 9:09
Graydon Snider 9:11
Javier Cuevas 9:15
Mahbubuzzaman Kazi 10:04
Andre Funke 10:50 (winner heat 2)
Jon Saari 11:20

Women’s 3000m
Elizabeth Mokrusa 11:00
Brenna Walsh 11:10

Ryan soloed the victory, going through 1500 in 4:10, then hit some traffic, when he had to start lapping people. He looked smooth and in control.

Steve and Graydon had solid runs for road race guys. A good night’s work. Javier Cuevas, fresh from training camp in Cuba, hung on to Graydon and Steve and exceeded expectations.

Kazi worked hard as usual and is ahead of where he was last year at this time.

Andre’s debut, after a switch from competitive cycling, ran a good tactical race to take the second heat. Jon Saari, also a former cyclist, ran strong as well.

Liz, as usual, was exactly on pace. I wonder if we had seeded her at 10:00 instead if she would have run that! Brenna was not far behind, and the good news was that she was pain free, post-race.

Next up, a small group will go down to Boston in three weeks, and another group will race in Montreal, either on track or on road, in mid-February. In the meantime, we keep training!