The FINAL Classic Kitely-McInnes Report 2013 CIS-XC poll at Montreal Endurance brought to you by New Balance

This is the final, definitive CIS-XC poll. We’ve seen a few other polls and previews come out this week, but you all know this is home. Until the actual throwdown on Saturday, this is how you imagine the reality of your CIS.

Our poll has no change in the top spot on the women’s side, a flip-flop of the 2-3 spot, and a tightening spread in 5-6-7. The men also had some flip-floping, and there is really not much agreement amongst the pollsters (or among the polls as you’ll see below).

1. Guelph 70pts (last poll 70pts 1st)
Katrina Allison
Joanna Brown
Genevieve Lalonde
Robyn Mildren
Heather Petrick
Carise Thompson
Madeline Yungblut
That’s a pretty stellar line-up. Going to be hard to beat.

2. Western 62pts (last poll 58pts 3rd)
Katiee Bell
Melissa Caruso
Grace Kary
Alicia Knox
Becky Pieterson
Bridget Pyke
Amanda Truelove
Interesting choice throwing Knox in over Hambleton, as Julie has been faster every race except Western International. Vigars calling an audible. The panel believes the ‘Stangs’ depth will overcome the Gaels’ 1-2 punch.

3. Queens 54pts (last poll 61pts 2nd)
Veronica Allan
Victoria Coates
Stepaney Daley
Charlotte Dunlap
Marie Soehl
Julie-Anne Staehli
Colleen Wilson
Coach Boyd has, for one reason or another, yet to run his full squad. Dunlap, a key contributor, missed OUAs. She’s on the start list now. Was it a health issue or just mind games?

4. Toronto 50pts (last poll 41pts 4th)
Colleen Hennessy
Kelly Hennessy
Madeleine Kelly
Charlotte Marcotte-Toale
Claire Sumner
Donna Vakalis
Honor Walmsley
The Blues performed well at OUAs, and beat Queen’s. In the back of my mind I keep wondering how this team would fare with both Stafford and Jewett on the line…but we can’t go crying over squashed tomoatoes. Still, a medal is not out of the question.

5. Victoria 37pts (last poll 40pts 5th)
Rachel Francois
Alison Hooper
Brittany King
Maddy MacDonald
Shauna McInnis
Grace Annear
Jenna Van Vliet
The Vikes stock has dropped as the season has gone on, but despite their loss to the only CIS team they raced head-to-head (TWU) they remain in the conversation.

6. Trinity Western 37pts (last poll 34pts 6th)
Fiona Benson
Meg Harradine
Sarah Inglis
Alison Jackson
Katelynn Ramage
Regan Yee
They beat Victoria woman against woman, and yet the Spartans are still only ranked in a tie with them. I guess you gotta earn the respect. I mean, Mark Bomba, who’s that? Seriously though, keep an eye out for this team.

7. Dalhousie 26pts (last poll 24pts 9th)
Ellen Chappell
Emily Clarke
Vanessa Linton
Britany MacArthur
Michelle Reddy
Natalie Sachrajda
Anna Von Maltzahn
The Tigers have moved up the ranks again this week, mostly due to McMaster’s poor showing at OUAs, most likely. This is a consistent team, no one big gun, but no weak spots either.

8. McMaster 19pts (last poll 27pts 8th)
Megan Beverley
Raquel Burgess
Madeline McDonald
Kierstin Myers
Emily Nowak
Courtney Patterson
Chelsea McKinnon
People! This is the 2012 CIS silver medalist team we’re talking about here. Losing Coates is a big deal, but Mac has always found a way to perform when it counts. The poor showing at home at OUAs concerns me though. Was it a sandbag, looking to greater pastures? Is CIS the only meet that matters now?

9. McGill 17pts (last poll 28pts 7th)
Evelyn Anderson
Alison Barwick
Jullien Flynn
Georgia Hamilton
Linda Dumalo
Jessica Porfolio
Madeleine Williams
I’m not sure what the Martlets have done wrong to drop down to 9th. They won their conference, handily, erasing any doubt that any other Quebec team was in their league. I maintain the tight split between 2-5 will be what moves this group up the rankings.

10. Windsor 6pts (last poll 0pts NR)
Samantha Kellam
Gabrielle Malette
Meaghan Marton
Alexandra Moore
Madalyn Ruby
Stefanie Smith
Lindsay Thompson
The voting sort of petered out at 9, with Windsor, Laurentian and Alberta all getting under 10 points. Windsor is a team not unlike McGill in that there is less than 30sec between 2-5. They beat Mac at OUAs. The assumption may be that they ran their best and Mac, their worst. If The Lancers don’t have anything more for CIS, well, they’ll still have a good race.

1. Guelph 70pts (last poll 70pts 1st)
Chris Dulhanty
Christian Gravel
Aaron Hendrikx
Andrew Nixon
Ross Proudfoot
Yves Sikubwabo
Tristan Woodfine
The next interesting story written about this team will be when they lose. Seriously, what else is there to say? One thing is that the program is a patient one. We’ve been clamouring for Woodfine for years…well, here’s your Woodfine. Dulhanty’s been kicking around a while, too. Now his time has come. Gravel will be next year’s Hendrikx.

2. Laval 61pts (last poll 60pts 2nd)
Emmanuel Boisvert
Maxime Lapierre
Jean-Samuel Lapointe
Anthony Larouche
Charles Philibert-Thiboutot
Benjamin Raymond
Alexandre Ricard
Last year going into CIS, the Rouge et Or were ranked 6th and they finished 2nd. This year, they are not going to surprise anyone. It may be that they are better, too, as they’ve not lost anyone, and they gained some solid material in Raymond. Ricard is another one who has been around a while, just not having good luck with injuries, until this year. This is an experienced squad. Maybe they’ll write an interesting story…

3. Victoria 51pts (last poll 52pts 4th)
Ryan Cassidy
Josh Clouthier
Olivier Collin
Cody Therrien
Kyle Irvine
Patrick Psotka
Forrest Simpson
Above you have the actual list of Vikes who will race. How fast will they go? We will see. If you are unsure about Collin’s XC chops…he beat Mo Ahmed.


At the bottom of that last one, you can see the blood Mo coughed up. This is what Collin does to people. Just saying.

4. Windsor 50pts (last poll 54pts 3rd)
Corey Bellemore
Josh Bolton
Nick Falk
Paul Janikowski
Taylor McArthur
Dave Meloche
Michael Pesce
In the end, Janikowski is back, and the rookies Kagumba and MacMakin will have to wait another year. Windsor always shows up. 4th is a little low.

5. McMaster 46pts (last poll 34pts 6th)
Connor Darlington
Austen Forbes
Taylor Forbes
Gabe Ghiglione
Blair Morgan
Taylor Reid
Lionel Sanders
A 12pt bump for Mac based on Blair Morgan’s best Olivier Collin impersonation at OUAs. I’m hearing that Austen Forbes is really the X factor here, but for Mac to move up, they’ll need AF to run well AND a repeat performance from Morgan. Is that do-able?

6. Queen’s 34pts (last poll 41pts 5th)
Evan Andrin
Jeffry Archer
David Cashin
Alan Kalbfleisch
Tyson Loney
Nicholas McGraw
Alex Wilkie
The question for Queen’s is whether Wilkie’s run at Interlock was a one-off, or was OUAs the outlier? If they have to rely on Evan Andrin as their 5th, it’ll make for a good blog post but…At least, with Lakehead not sending a full team, there’s no way they can beat Queen’s. So Oldster is safe on that count. 6th seems low for this team, but it’s crowded at the top.

7. Trinity Western 22pts (last poll 14pts 7th)
Joel Deshiffart
Blair Johnston
Adam Marshall
Levi Neufeld
Mihai Praja
Chris Voth
Declan White
So according to Athletics Illustrated, these guys “tempoed” BC champs. I can believe it, what with the identical 10k times from Praja, Voth and Johston. Actually, Bomba says they shut it down after 8k. Hopefully they don’t develop any bad habits from doing that.

8. Toronto 14pts (last poll 3pts NR)
Zain Ahmed
Ethan Davenport
Alex Denault
Chris Moyer
Sacha Smart
Alexey Strokach
Jake Woloshyn
I like these guys. They balled it out at OUAs, essentially knocking the T-Wolves out of CIS (I assume there was some kind of top-5 qualifier in effect). I’ve been liking the looks of these guys for a while now. Hard to know how they will stack up against CANWEST, but for now they get the ECB bump.

9. Alberta 14pts (last poll 2pts NR)
Adrian Christ
Tom Fleming
Jason Jama
Will Madsen
Kieran McDonald
Tom Wunsch
These guys won Stewart Cup, and everyone all of a sudden starts ranking them. That seems fair, though I suspect Calgary’s number one will be much further up the field and lower their score significantly. Still, I am only reporting the aggregate here. Golden Bears at 9.

10. Calgary 11pts (last poll 6pts 9th)
Brad Bickley
Abdel Dib
Gareth Hadfield
Rahman Ismail
Roman Justinen
Doug Kondro
Luc Wittig
Bickley is the main man for the Dinos. He should be good for an AC spot, and that will help his team. I realise I just repeated what I wrote in the Alberta blurb, but what else is there to say? Oh, Calgary usually finishes 8th so watch for that. Also, they get to train at altitude, which just may help a little as well.

Also rans: Dalhousie (4pts), Western (3pts), St FX (2pts), Regina (2pts) Laurier (1pt). No one voted for Lakehead because they are not sending a full team. Sounds like Scott Donald is out for St. FX. I may have had them in the top 10 otherwise.

So, you may know that the CIS coaches also have a poll. I’ve aggregated all the current polls below in a nice little graphic so we can check back later (Sunday) and see how wrong we all were.

Best of luck to the runners, but remember, it’s not luck, it’s skill!

almalgamated polls 2013

Voters are: Rebecca Pieterson, Chris Moulton, Steve Gersten, Adam Stacey, Jeremy Walsh, Brittany Therrien, and John Lofranco