Start List/Liste de Départ: a new era?

Will this be the last Start List of the Drayton era? It will depend on the wind, it seems.

More on that later…first, a personal anecdote. I’m running the half marathon this weekend, and part of my plan, a secret part, that I may or may not follow through with, was to use this race to qualify for the New York marathon next year. I wasn’t sure whether I’d really run the marathon or not, but I wanted to at least give myself the option. Well, it just got a little tougher. Up to now, the qualifying time was a 1:23 half marathon (for me, open male, under 40). Well, NYC has upped the ante. It’s down to 1:19, which is 75% of the current world best. Trimes has the full report. As a running enthusiast, I welcome this change. I am all for tougher standards. But man, now I’m going to have to work for it. 1:23 was doable in a worst-case scenario. 1:19…considering my recent training, yeah, it’s possible, likely even, but it’s just as likely not to happen. Hopefully my boys Paul Gallant and Mihira Lakshman will help me out. If not, well, that’s racing!

Back to more important things… Reid Coolsaet has a couple nice videos for us before he hunkers down for his pre-race boogaloo.
If you want to get a jump on the hipster-running-blogger crowd, check out John Mason’s blog. Who? Well, read the blog, you’ll see. He’s the new kid in town in Guelph. Wandered in out of the bush and traded in his boots for some trainers. Seriously, read the guy. This quote alone is worth it:

“Gosh I love running! You know what I don’t like? People that wine about running, people that want to be good at running and wine about it! This internet place has a collection of blogs and articles from people claiming to be good at running and complaining about it, “I have to work a part time job and then run,” oh the tragedy, seriously? you have a part time job, you poor poor soul. “I need sponsors, free stuff etc…” You need sponsors? Do your sponsors tie your shoes and move your feet up and down? What you need is to suck it up and get your ass out the door and go running! Hey folks if you are training at a semi elite level living like a college student, YOU HAVE IT MADE!”

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Rob Watson is going for the WORLD RECORD on Sunday. He blogged it, it must be true.
Leslie Sexton will be in action this weekend as well. It’s not clear from the blog whether she plans to enter the official half marathon race, or just run half a marathon and then stop, as her coach had planned to do.

No link, but just a good-luck shout-out to Graydon Snider, hard-working fellow in the mold of John Mason, looking for sub 2:30 this weekend, and Alex St.Jalm, owner/operator of, who is hoping to run around 2:55. Run smart, guys!

Exercise is useless: let’s just watch sports on tv.
Or, better hurry up and exercise, because it doesn’t get any easier. So much good advice out there! (note, these are links to Sweat Science, and real and good writings are contained therein.)